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How To Draw Graffiti ? 

May 11, 2023 11 min read

How To Draw Graffiti ?  - The Trendy Art

Given its popularity, consider how to draw Graffiti. Thus, we will discuss the same in great detail. But before we do so, let us begin with understanding the Graffiti.

What is Graffiti?

Putting it in simple terms, Graffiti is a type of visual communication. It involves the unlawful marking of public space by a person or group. Many associate the usual picture of Graffiti with that of a street gang member spray-painting, and they consider it to be a stylized sign or message on a wall. But you need to note that not all Graffiti is gang-related.

Graffiti can be interpreted as antisocial behavior to attract attention or as adrenaline seeking. Still, it can also be construed as an expressive art form, and many from the new generation wonder how to draw Graffiti.

What has made Graffiti so popular in recent times

As mentioned earlier, graffiti art had a poor reputation. The good news is that it has acquired acceptance as a valid art over time. The result is many street artists have now obtained mainstream visibility and fame. Graffiti art is now widely recognized as street art, and many now display it in museums and different galleries worldwide.

The good news is that social media sites like Instagram and Facebook have devised a big way to promote different types of art. It is another vital element that has enabled graffiti artists to share their work with a larger audience. Thus, it is another important factor that has increased graffiti art's visibility. What is even better is that it has enabled the formation of a bigger community of artists and enthusiasts.

If you plan to develop your skills as a graffiti artist and draw Graffiti, it is a great time to do so. It is a popular art form that has become integral to urban growth.

Many cities are financing murals and public art initiatives to improve public places. You will be happy to know this has made graffiti art more accessible and visible to a broader audience.

So, everything put together, the popularity of graffiti art now grows unabated and is now being pursued by many who plan to take up art as their full-time career and profession.

Let us now look into a step-by-step approach to how to draw Graffiti.

Basics of how to draw Graffiti

Let us discuss graffiti design strategies and tricks for making your artwork stand out. Let us go through the anatomy of a piece and talk about some of the numerous letter styles you may utilize.

Making Simple Handwritten Letters

If you are wondering how to draw Graffiti as a beginner, you can begin by writing your tag's letters in capital letters. If you don't have a tag, use your name. You need to take careful notice of each line that constitutes the letter. If you want to create the letter “A” in Graffiti, you will notice that it is made up of three straight lines.

But let us get into the basics of how to draw Graffiti.

Graffiti hand-style letters are a terrific way to add a personal touch to your artwork. Here are some fundamental procedures to take while designing hand-style letters:

Choose a style

The first step involves choosing an appropriate style for the handwritten letters for the Graffiti you want to create. You will realize there are so many types of Graffiti; it's crucial to find one you like. Block letters, bubble letters, and wild styles are some prominent styles.

Sketch the letters

You need to begin by softly sketching the letters in pencil. Experiment with various sizes, shapes, and angles until you discover a design you like.

Add some details

Once you complete your basic letter forms, you can add details. Serifs, curls, and other ornamental embellishments that interest the letters may be included.

Join the letters

The next step is joining the letters. When you are delighted with your letter designs, begin linking them. Each of these lines can be drawn in different ways.

Adding colors to the letters

After creating your letter designs, you may add color to make them stand out. To create depth and dimension, use bold, vivid colors that stand out against the background and experiment with different shading and highlighting approaches.

When creating letters for drawing Graffiti, you must remember that making handwritten letters requires time and practice.

On the other hand, this must encourage you to try new styles and approaches when you want to draw Graffiti. Only when you try it out will you know which suits your style.

It must not deter you from trying out new unique things.

One basic rule that will help you draw Graffiti is a continue practicing, and you will quickly create your distinct style that will set your Graffiti apart from the rest.

Graffiti Tag Alphabet Ideas for Hand style.

If you want to know how to draw Graffiti, you must note that creating the graffiti tag is one of the preliminary steps.

The following basic alphabet can be the starting point for constructing your tag. You might have enjoyed experimenting with letter styles and creating your alphabet. When drawing Graffiti, you must have your style to develop your uniqueness.

Once you have your style allows you to put your friend's name next to your item while maintaining a consistent look.

When you draw Graffiti, you will realize that it is a unique and creative process that involves experimenting with different styles and techniques. Here are some ways to make an English alphabet graffiti tag:

Select a tag name

The first step in creating the graffiti tag is choosing a distinct and memorable tag name that expresses your personality or style.

You need to create your unique tag

You may quickly get started by writing your tag name in pencil on paper.

While on the job, you must experiment with different forms, sizes, and angles. You can then decide on which is the one that best works for you.

Flair your tag

Once you have completed creating the basic sketch, you can easily add flair and character to your tag. Adding flair to your graffiti tag will make it stand out.

One simple idea for adding flair can be using sharp angles, curving lines, and various forms.

Using spray paint to draw Graffiti

When it comes to drawing Graffiti, you will know that drawing them on the walls is immensely popular. So, once you have mastered the basics of drawing Graffiti, you can transfer your sketch to a wall or surface with markers or spray paint. But you also need to know how to draw Graffiti with spray paint. Let us, therefore, get into the details of doing the same.

To begin with, you need to outline your tag with a dark color. The same may be used, like black or dark blue, and then fill it in with brighter colors.

But creating the outline with dark colors is just the beginning. There are a lot of other considerations and factors as well.

Let us look at other factors for using spray paint to draw Graffiti.

You need to choose the proper spray paint to draw Graffiti.

You need to use spray paint intended exclusively for graffiti painting, and it is best you use high-quality spray paints. You must note that these paints often have a higher pigment concentration and a broader color palette, which can elevate your graffiti paints to a whole new level.

You need to locate an appropriate area for your graffiti art.

As mentioned earlier, not all of them are legal when considering how to draw Graffiti. Because Graffiti is not legal everywhere, you must locate a spot where it is permitted or where the owner has granted permission. If you do not remember this initially, you might get involved in unnecessary legal hassles. We are sure you will want to avoid all such legal complications and always focus on your artwork. Is it not? So, you need to be cautious when considering how to draw Graffiti. You need to check the local laws and regulations while beginning to draw Graffiti.

You need to prepare the surface for spray painting.

Whether using spray paint to draw Graffiti on the walls or any other surface, you need to make sure the surface you're going to paint on is clean and dry.

By doing this, you can help your colors shine out. For this, you must prepare the surface with a white or light-colored paint coat, which will ensure that the Graffiti you create on the wall or any other surface stands out.

You must use the right technique.

While drawing Graffiti on the wall, you need to use the proper technique. You need to hold the can upright and use your arm sweepingly. It is a simple but effective technique to help you make straight lines while drawing Graffiti. You need to experiment with different effects by varying the distance from the surface, pressure, and speed at which you move the can. These simple but effective techniques will ensure you can draw Graffiti that will stand out from the others.

To draw Graffiti, you can use stencils or templates.

If you are new to Graffiti, using stencils or templates is another simple technique to draw Graffiti. These you can use to construct the outline of your artwork. It is often found beneficial by many beginners to graffiti drawing. It is a simple technique that might assist you in drawing clean, exact lines. So, you need to experiment with them.

Use protective equipment

When you are considering how to draw Graffiti, you will agree that your safety is a top priority for you at all times. Thus, you must avoid breathing fumes or getting paint on your skin. For this, you must wear protective equipment, including masks and gloves. You must always use appropriate protective gear when you draw Graffiti. Thus, it is another point you must always pay attention to.

Ways to improve your Graffiti as a beginner

It can be challenging to develop your graffiti style. As a graffiti artist, you might have to invest plenty of time to create a unique style to make you stand out.

However, this is not the case; neither process takes time and effort. Will it happen overnight? But you will realize it is worth investing all the time. The reason for this is l the benefits of Graffiti must be gained by hard labor to be recognized and respected.

You must understand that graffiti styles change as artists experiment with new letter forms, methods, and media. Therefore, discovering your ideal style is a never-ending journey.

To ensure your journey is a pleasant one as a graffiti artist, let us take some simple tips:

You need to sketch consistently.

One effective way to improve your graffiti style is by regularly sketching letters. You will be happy to note that there is no need for any pricey equipment to get started.

A simple pencil and paper are all you need to start working on your style. You can begin by sketching letters you enjoy or drawing the alphabet to build a more adaptable approach. Making a drawing habit is one of the most underappreciated strategies to improve your graffiti skills. Set aside 30 or even 15 minutes daily to draw graffiti lettering. You'll see results immediately, and your style will begin to take shape.

Maintain your drawing routine while following the instructions below for the best results while drawing Graffiti.

You must stay inspired at all times to draw Graffiti.

Find local Graffiti for inspiration, travel to your nearest large city, or ride the rail lines. Several graffiti movies and photographs are available online, but nothing beats viewing Graffiti in person. We are fortunate to be able to observe Graffiti online these days, and graffiti artists used to have to go outside to get inspired before the internet.

Seeing items in person will give you a far better understanding of the approaches and techniques of Graffiti. You'll understand how the paint adheres to different surfaces and how different styles integrate into various areas. Because graffiti styles vary from place to region, so you'll also get a greater sense of local styles. Remember to photograph anything you find interesting.

Start reading graffiti books.

When you draw Graffiti, one essential attitude is always to keep learning. What better way to learn than from books? The good news is that graffiti novels and zines were instrumental in making Graffiti the global phenomenon today. They're still incredibly important in graffiti culture and an excellent place to start when it comes to developing your style. For example, Subway Art is an excellent must-read for aspiring graffiti artists. It teaches tactics, techniques, and anecdotes from New York's early subway writers during the 1980s, dubbed the "Golden Era of Graffiti."Subway Art also includes photographs of iconic painted subway trains to inspire you. You might be shocked at how little graffiti styles have altered since this era, particularly the principles of Graffiti.

Whenever any new book is published, try to get a copy of it. Staying hungry to learn and implement is a vital requirement that will go a long way toward your success when you draw Graffiti.

Use social media to get ideas.

Instagram and Flickr have become incredibly popular venues for sharing graffiti photographs, making them excellent sources of inspiration. Follow hashtags like #londongraffiti or #newyorkgraffiti to get inspiration from those regions, especially if you enjoy the local styles. There is also a plethora of high-quality Graffiti Instagram accounts to follow, albeit keeping in mind that they may only share Graffiti from the region in which they are situated. Follow a few accounts from various cities and countries if you want to be exposed to various styles for inspiration.

You also need to follow the social media influencers in this category.

You also need to join related organizations and communities: Look for social media groups and communities linked to your industry or hobbies on social media sites. Participate in discussions with other members to gain new perspectives and ideas.

The beautiful Insta posts on Graffiti can inspire you as a graffiti artist and take your Graffiti to a whole new level. So, you must make the most of them to succeed in the field.

For your success in graffiti art, you must keep close track of all the popular hashtags regarding graffiti art. These things will help you constantly stay updated with the latest in the graffiti field. So, you must ensure all these are catered to when you draw Graffiti.

Not usually your tag but the alphabet

Although you might be tempted only to draw your tag every time you go to practice, consider drawing the entire alphabet as well. By drawing the whole alphabet, your style will become more apparent when you create letters outside your tag. It will push you to employ diverse forms and manage negative space, making you a lot more flexible graffiti artist.

You must be right: draw your letters as much as possible. However, if you want to get more precise results faster, try the entire alphabet.

Improve your drawing tools.

There's nothing wrong with starting with a pencil and scratch paper to figure out your graffiti style. However, there comes a moment when it is necessary to update certain crucial graffiti materials to advance. You can purchase a low-cost graffiti black book like the Artgecko Classy A4 Sketchpad, and I've had it for a few months and would strongly suggest it for the price.

Once you have purchased a specialized black book for drawing, supplement your toolkit with various black bookmarkers. At the same time, you must choose a set of fine liner pens for sharp details and outlines, along with an alcohol marker set for color. Plus, a white paint pen to add shines and 3D effects. Upgrading your supplies can help you find your graffiti style beyond just pencil sketches and help visualize color schemes. 

Share your graffiti creations online.

Getting comments on your graffiti sketches from friends or sharing them online will help you identify your graffiti style faster and enhance your skills.


We hope we have mentioned all the details about how to draw Graffiti in the blog so you can make steady progress in your graffiti career.

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