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How to Hang Canvas Panels ?

January 23, 2022 11 min read

How to Hang Canvas Panels ? - The Trendy Art

Canvas art is something almost all people with great taste in art own nowadays. A good piece of art incorporated into the interior design enhances the room's beauty and tells a lot about your taste in art.

But, the problem people deal with the most is the process of hanging the canvas panel on the wall. They often find it challenging to pick up the right tool for hanging the canvas and end up getting the idea of hanging a canvas on the wall out of their mind. Some also do not want to damage or scratch their walls by hitting them with a hammer. 

So, now it's time to find the ultimate solution for hanging canvas panels on the wall. So, let's dive into this guide and make the most of the solutions.

Steps you need to follow before hanging a panel :

Are you tired of the same wall designs and colors ? Are you not getting the same compliments from guests you used to get when you freshly designed your wall a few years back ? Well, probably it's time to take things into your hand. It's time to redecorate your wall and give your room a new look. 

But, wait ! For providing your home with a new look, you do not need to change the entire interior. If you have recently bought a mesmerizing art piece from an exhibition, or you have added a creative artwork of your favorite artist in your online shopping cart, it is the perfect time to use it. You need to find an ideal canvas panel for your striking art piece and hang the canvas to give a new definition to your room. Along with providing a new look to your room, a perfectly balanced canvas panel will never miss a chance to impress you and your guests.

Before directly hanging a canvas panel on a wall, you must go through a few steps. First, you must get prepared, select the canvas panel, prepare your wall, and buy some hanging equipment to avoid any issues while hanging the canvas. If you have thin walls, especially walls made of bricks and concrete, you must take some safety measures so that hammering or inserting nails don't damage the wall. Fortunately, the methods we will share with you guys today are suitable for almost all walls. But, before going further, here are some tools and equipment that are a must for hanging canvas panels. They are easily available, and most of us already have them at our homes. However, if you don't have these materials at home, you can easily order them online or buy them from your nearby hardware and art supply stores. Now, let's have a look at the essentials you need for hanging canvas panels on the wall. 

  • Wall protector pads
  • Tape measure 
  • Screwdriver 
  • hammer
  • Pencil
  • Level 

How to hang canvas panels

You can hang your canvas panels on your wall without damaging it with these few elements. Now, when you know about the equipment, it's time to gather the much-needed information and a few tips for hanging your canvas panels with ease. 

  • Firstly, prepare the surface for the canvas panel. For that, you need to make sure that the wall is spotless and free of dirt. So, clean your wall in advance and use water and soap if needed. Don't forget to dry it before going for the next step. 
  • Now, determine the perfect place where you want your canvas panel to get dangled. Find a visible spot and the middle point. 
  • Take your pencil and mark the exact spot you want to hang your canvas panel. 
  • Ensure that there is enough gap between the spot you have chosen to hang the canvas panels and other decorations, furniture, and art pieces on the wall. Additionally, don't forget to hang the canvas at least fifty inches higher from the floor. 
  • If possible, make sure to ask other members of your house for help. As you are measuring everything, hammering, and hanging canvas panels, it will not be possible for you alone to look at the level and positions of the canvas. So, ask someone to observe whether the canvas panels is at the right spot or you need to move it to the right or left slightly. 
  • If you are worried about the wall, make sure to put some wall protector pads before starting the upcoming process. 
  • Finally, follow the processes mentioned below, and hang your canvas panel. You can change the position until it looks great to your eyes.

How to hang canvas panels on your walls


Different ways of hanging a canvas panel like a pro :

Now, when you have collected all details of the pre-hanging procedure, let us proceed to the easiest ways of hanging a canvas panel using some easy techniques. But, before starting, once again, make sure that all materials you have bought for hanging the canvas are close to your working place. Next, clean your wall, take your canvas panel, and select the process mentioned below. 


1) Hang canvas panel using Nails :

Most people use nails for hanging canvas panels on walls as it is a budget-friendly and easy option. Additionally, nails are an essential product almost all households own. The process, on the other hand, is susceptible. It works the best for comparably smaller canvas panels and large canvas panels. But, you must choose the size of the nail depending on the size, length, width, and weight of your canvas. The second thing you have to consider while buying nails is their material. Always try to purchase nails that are made of steel or brass. These materials are suitable for brick, wood, and concrete walls. 

Now comes the good part. Take a pencil and mark the wall with a dot where you want to hang your canvas panel. Now, take one nail and a ham. Next, start hitting the nail on the wall using the hammer. But, do not use full force while shooting. Instead, use a soft hand so that at least one or half inches of the nail remains exposed from the wall. This part will enable you to hang your canvas

If your canvas panel is big and heavy, you can use two or more nails instead of using one. It will provide the canvas support and resilience. Remember, only start hammering your nails when the wall is clean and free of dirt. You can also ask someone to check whether the canvas panel is in the middle or not. If everything is all right, voila ! You have done a great job ! 

How to Hang Canvas Panels with Nails


2) Hang canvas panels using Adhesive Strips : 

Another great way of hanging canvas panels on walls is using adhesive strips. It is a fully proven, easy-to-use, worthwhile, and easily available product that can do the job for you efficiently. The best part of using an adhesive strip is that it does not leave any scratch or damage to the wall, whether made of wood, brick, or other material. 

To hang canvas panels on the wall using adhesive strips, you first have to buy the strips from the shop. While buying, make sure to keep the weight and size of your canvas panel in mind. If your canvas panel is heavy and oversized, get your hands on an adhesive strip that can easily deal with the heavyweight of the canvas. On the other hand, if your canvas panel is relatively lightweight and loose, four pieces of the adhesive strip can work well. 

After cleaning the wall:

  1. Mark it with a pencil where you want to hang the canvas panel.
  2. Try to use a scale and draw straight lines to get the canvas panel attached to the wall straight.
  3. Place your canvas against the wall and cut the adhesive strip into pieces.
  4. Place it on the canvas and press it against the wall.
  5. Once you get satisfied with the position of the canvas panel, leave it and enjoy a beautiful wall made by you.

How to Hang Canvas Panels with Adhesive Strip


3) Hang canvas panel using Sawtooth Hanger :

Not all canvas panels come with hanging hardware. Some may contain one on the back, but, in some cases, the hanging tool may not be the sturdiest and has chances of falling. So it is when you can take help from a sawtooth hanger; efficient hanging hardware, available in almost all hardware shops.

But, while buying a sawtooth hanger for hanging your canvas panel, you must keep the size and weight of the canvas in mind. If needed, make sure to buy two or more sawtooth hangers to ensure the safety of the canvas panel. Furthermore, always try to purchase sawtooth hangers of good quality and check the material. If you randomly buy one, it may not work for your canvas panel.

It is highly affordable and easy to use; most people prefer it over other hanging tools. You need to choose a perfect sawtooth hanger for your canvas and place it on top of the canvas panel. Next, insert a nail inside the wall using a hammer, and attach the hanger to the nail. If you are satisfied with the position, seal the deal here.

Hang canvas panels with sawtooth hanger


4) Hang canvas panels using J-hooks :

If you have a large canvas panel and find ways of hanging it on the wall of your drawing room or over your bed of the master bedroom, you may need to know this trick. Sometimes, nails or a sawtooth hanger fail to keep a canvas panel in place for a long time. But, here is the ultimate solution ! All you need is J-hooks, which you can quickly get from any hardware shop or even online.

But why J-hooks ? Well, J-hooks come in various sizes with two attached nails. It makes the work ahead easier and suitable for each canvas panel type. So, if you have a small canvas that you want to hang on the wall, attach a small J-hook with it, and hang it. Similarly, use bigger J-hooks for hanging more large canvas panels. 

After finding the perfect size and type of J-hook, it's time to hang the canvas. For the best grip, you must use at least two to four J-hooks, depending on the size of the canvas panel. Now, mark the wall where you want your canvas panel to get hung. After marking:

  1. Take the J-hooks, and place them accordingly by pushing the nails attached to the hooks on the wall.
  2. Once all three or four or all the J-hooks you are working with get attached to the wall, place the canvas panel, and attach it.
  3. After attaching, see whether the position is perfect or not, and you are done ! 


5) Hang canvas panels using Eye Hooks :

Who does not have at least one eyehook at home ? Well, being easily available, eye hooks are another great option for those who want to hang canvas panels on walls without any hassle. The tool and the hanging process both are simple, and all hardware stores sell eye hooks.

The best thing about the eye hook is that it does not leave enough gaps between the wall and the canvas panel and deliver a clean and sophisticated look to the wall. Additionally, one small eye hook contains the power of hanging a giant canvas panel on the wall without any other support. But, if you want, you are always welcome to use more prominent and more than one eye hook at a time for ensuring the security of your canvas panel.

For hanging a canvas panel with an eye hook, you need some eyehooks, nails, wire, and a hammer. Firstly, screw one or two or more eyehooks to your canvas panel, leaving at least a two to three inches gap from the top of the canvas. Now, take a wire piece and run it through the loops of the eyehooks. Following the same hitting method, place a nail inside the wall using a hammer. You can mark the wall if needed for a clean placement. You are almost done. If required, attach the panel canvas with the nail and slightly slide to both sides.

Hang canvas panels with eye hooks


6) Hang canvas panel using Metal Hinge Clips :

Metal hinge clips are the easiest and simple tools for hanging a canvas panel, irrespective of its size, width, and weight. If you are thinking of finding metal hinge clips, you can search them online or buy them from any nearby hardware or art supply store. It comes in various sizes, generally made of steel and other strong metals. The best part is that it assures the stability and position of your canvas panel on the wall. 

If your canvas panel is relatively smaller and thinner, you can hang it on the wall using only one hinge clip. But, for more extensive and heavier canvas panels at least two hinge clips on both sides are recommended. Now, you may think, how can I hang it on the wall ? Well, for this, you again need nails and a hammer.

So, begin marking the wall where you want the nails to go. After that, place and insert the nails inside the wall, hitting a hammer. Now, take your canvas panel, and insert the holes of the hinge clips into the nail, and it's done.

If you want to hang your canvas panel on a metallic surface, like a fridge, here is a quick tip for you. Visit a hardware shop and look for metal hinge clips with a magnetic back. In this way, the canvas panel will directly get attached to the surface.

How to Hang a Canvas Panels


7) Hang canvas panels using D Rings :

As the name implies, D rings are D-shaped rings, handy for hanging canvas panels and other household things. Like other hooks and pins, you can quickly get them at any hardware store and online. Again, the D rings come in various sizes. So, you can select a bunch of D rings you think will work best for holding the weight of your canvas panel.

Make sure to select a few bigger D rings in case your canvas panel of yours is big and heavy. Paradoxically, one small D ring can do the work for you if your canvas panel is smaller in size. But, when working with big canvas panels, you should always pick at least two and more D rings so that the canvas remains safe after hanging.

While hanging a canvas panel using D rings, you need more items and tools besides the D rings. You first need a pencil for drawing lines and dots on the wall. Secondly, drill the D ring (s). Finally, it's time to screw the nails through the frame shortly. You can also run the wire through the hole instead of using nails. Once you are done, take a hammer and gently hit the steel pins inside the wall for the final touch. After that, you can hang your canvas panel using a wire, rope, or string, whichever is handy.

As you have seen, hanging a canvas panel using a D ring is quite complicated rather than the previously mentioned ones. But, people still like this process as it provides complete security to your canvas panel. So, if you have all tools near you, you can give this method a shot.

How to hang canvas panels with D-rings


8) Hang canvas panel using Thumb Tacks or Drawing Pins :

While hanging a loose, thin, and lightweight canvas panel, the last thing everyone wants is to see the canvas in a damaged condition. However, sometimes, a wrong choice of hanging tools may cause damage. Hence, it is always important to take your time and select the tool that will go perfectly with the particular type of canvas panel.

If your canvas panel is lightweight and thin, it would be better to use thumbtacks or drawing pins for hanging it. It is easily available as well as affordable. Additionally, you do not need to pair it with other tools (like nails, hammers, pins, etc.) for using it. You'll need a pencil (for marking) and one or more thumbtacks depending on the size of your canvas. Once you have all products in your hand, fasten your canvas panel using a drawing pin through the wall.

Hang Canvas Panel


9) Hang canvas panel using Press-in Hooks :

Press-in hooks are honestly one of the most straightforward options for hanging canvas panels on the wall. The good thing about press-in hooks is that they are easily available, inexpensive, and valuable. Even if not for hanging canvas panels on walls, you perhaps have press-in hooks at home for other purposes for sure. If not, make sure to buy it from any hardware store near you. 

Now, take a pencil and mark the exact point on the wall where you want to hang your canvas panel. Next, take your canvas panel and the press-in hooks, and attach them to the wall. While working with press-in hooks, you must keep the measurement of your canvas panel in mind. Additionally, you can choose the hooks in several different materials and sizes. So, select wisely.

How to hang a canvas panel


Conclusion :

These, in short, were a few different ways of hanging a canvas panel. The hanging process and tools depend on you, as discussed throughout the guide. Moreover, the size of your canvas, its weight, thickness, and other stuff play a considerable role in this process. 

If your canvas panel is big and heavy, you can get your hands on nails, metal hinge clips, J-hooks, or eye hooks. On the other hand, press-in hooks, thumbtacks, and other tools can easily keep up with the weight of smaller canvas panels.

So, buy the essentials today and hang your beautiful collection of canvas panels on your walls. It will impress your guests and improve the overall interior of your home.

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