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Top 15 Dallas Graffiti and Street Art Spots

April 16, 2023 11 min read

Top 15 Dallas Graffiti and Street Art Spots - The Trendy Art

If you find street art fascinating and plan to visit Dallas, among the many things you need to look at, Dallas Graffiti or Dallas Street art must be at the top of your bucket list.

History of Street Art

The history of street art is intriguing. It has occasionally been unconstitutional, and some cities have made a significant effort to clean it up. On the other hand, it has sometimes been commissioned in some towns, and they have paid vast sums of money for more work on their streets. In light of this, how can one type of visual art exist on opposing ends of the political and social spectrum? To specifically address that topic, we will go deeply into the development of street art.

Before we delve into the top Dallas Graffiti or top Dallas Street art spots, let us try and understand what street art is all about.

What is street art?

Said, street art refers to a type of artwork that is displayed in public areas. The most typical locations for street art are walls, including those on the sides of buildings, billboards, and other plain, clearly observable surfaces. Artists also use windows, walkways, and even subway carriages in addition to walls.

Guerrilla art, graffiti, urban art, and independent art are further terms for street art. It may be used to promote businesses, disseminate socio-political messages, or brighten up empty locations. Now, it goes beyond merely public spaces. Famous street painters like Keith Haring, Shepard Fairey, and Banksy are well-known figures, and you can see their artwork on t-shirts and even campaign posters for president.

How has Street Art evolved?

Graffiti, or Street art, has been around for a while, but it took off in the 1970s and 1980s, especially in metropolitan areas. The popularity of street art increased due to several causes, including:

  • Urbanization: As cities grew denser, artists started painting in public locations. Urban settings provide artists with a unique environment to express their thoughts.
  • Hip-hop culture: Street art and hip-hop culture, which first appeared in the Bronx in the 1970s, go hand in hand. Many hip-hop artists adopted graffiti as a means of self-expression to reach a larger audience with their message.
  • Political activism: One kind of political activity frequently employed is street art. Artists have protested social and political concerns, including racism, poverty, and injustice, via their creative output.
  • Spray paint's widespread use in the 1970s made it simpler for artists to produce expansive, eye-catching murals in public areas. Large-scale works of art were quickly and affordably made with spray paint.
  • Internet and social media: In recent years, street art has become increasingly popular, thanks mainly to the Internet and social media. The ability to share one's work with a worldwide audience has made it simple for fans to find new artists and follow their work.

How did Dallas Street Graffiti start?

Dallas Street art has a long and diverse history. When new painters became interested in graffiti and mural painting in the 1980s, the city's street art movement started to take shape. However, Dallas's street art scene indeed took off in the 1990s.

Tex Moton, who started painting enormous murals in the middle of the 1980s, was one of the city's first street painters. Hip-hop and graffiti have significantly impacted his work and frequently included African American cultural heroes.

Sour Grapes and Tats Cru, two street artists who introduced a more conventional graffiti style to Dallas in the 1990s, were among the first to emerge. Local painters like Espo and Sed became more well-known for their elaborate patterns and vivid murals.

Dallas' Deep Ellum area became a center for street art in the early 2000s. Local Street artists, including Shepard Fairey and Banksy, started to leave their imprint on the city, and galleries like Kettle Art and Public Trust began to exhibit their work.

Dallas Street art in the present day

Dallas now boasts a strong street art community, with new murals and installations often appearing across the city. Dallas Street art has also been accepted as a valid form of public art by regional institutions like the Deep Ellum Foundation and the Dallas Arts District, who have begun commissioning fresh pieces and giving up-and-coming artists a platform to display their work.

Now let us look at the top 15 Dallas Street Graffiti once you are in this vibrant city, where street art has flourished like never before.

1. Deep Ellum Dallas Street Art

The earliest murals and wall paintings in Deep Ellum appeared in the late 1980s when live music establishments started to paint an ever-changing calendar on their walls to advertise their forthcoming events. Businesses and community members used murals as a distinctive aspect of Deep Ellum as it developed. 

The Good-Latimer tunnel's walls were painted in 1992 at the invitation of the then-new Deep Ellum Community Association. The tunnel underwent several repainting, becoming a vibrant and memorable entry into the area. A local artist and gallery owner, Frank Campagna, recalls the endeavor as "pure creative harmony with a dash of perfect mayhem." As customers and artists returned to Deep Ellum in 2012, the 42 Murals initiative revived the neighborhood's love of murals.

Finding the fascinating art pieces among Deep Ellum's approximately 130 murals might be daunting. We offer three guided mural maps of Deep Ellum to make it easier for you to explore the neighborhood's outdoor works of art. The first map features ten Deep Ellum paintings that have graced walls for years and are regarded as local icons!

The "Deep Ellum" Mural is the ideal location for your Instagram photo and a memento of your unforgettable visit to Deep Ellum. If you enjoy street art, Deep Ellum is THE spot to visit. This neighborhood in Dallas has become the most Instagrammable thanks to the "42 Murals" project!

Deep Ellum Dallas Street Art

2. Dallas Mural, Sylvan Avenue

The city's undiscovered jewel is this. Not readily available! You'll need to park along Sylvan Avenue and cross the street to take shots of this artwork created by the Oak Cliff-based collective of painters known as Sour Grapes.

Dallas Mural, Sylvan Avenue

3. Fabrication Yard - the top Dallas Street Art Spot

Metal businesses and car garages used to line the blue-collar street Fabrication Street. Its background music consisted of the blowtorch's hiss and the screeching of adjacent trains.

In West Dallas, it is now a street of reinvention, an unauthorized graffiti park humming with the noises of aerosol painters among a community of more seasoned artists working in studios. Families and young people visit on the weekends to take in the scenery and pose for pictures in front of walls painted in swirling hues of pistachio green, bubblegum pink, juicy orange, and many other colors.

The location of this unique Dallas Street Graffiti is 611 Fabrication St, Dallas, TX 75212, United States. If you are in Dallas, you must visit this awesome Dallas Street art; you will find it delightful.

Fabrication Yard Dallas Street Art Spot

4. Women’s History Month – Amber - a very popular Dallas Street Art

Regarding Dallas Street Graffiti, Women's History Month is very popular. 

As part of the "Murals on the Move" Project, the City of Dallas commissioned this stunning Women's History Month mural in 2022. A farmer, gardener, and flower designer named Amber Tamm Canty was shown in the artwork by Caggiano. When you visit Dallas and are looking for the top Dallas Street Art, this is another Dallas Street graffiti spot you must be sure to visit.

Women’s History Month – Amber Dallas Street Art

5. Eyes - a top Dallas Street Art

When it comes to Dallas Street Art, Eyes is a top spot. The Dallas Street Graffiti has a ton of vibrant color and would make a beautiful photograph. Look for it at Ruins Bar. The Dallas Street Art is at 2653 Commerce Street.

Eyes Dallas Street Art

6. I Love Dallas - a highly sought-after Dallas Street Graffiti

A curator, Lesli Marshall, requested Jeremy Biggers to give Charlie's mural one more polish. Have you any idea what it was? The center! It's a stunning Dallas Street Art and a fantastic Dallas location for Instagram.

The artists of this Dallas Street Graffiti are Jeremy Biggers and Charlie. The location of the Dallas Street Art is Howell Street and North Riverfront Boulevard, Dallas.

7. I love Dallas

A curator, Lesli Marshall, requested Jeremy Biggers to give Charlie's mural one more polish. Have you any idea what it was? The center! It's a stunning Dallas Street Graffiti and a fantastic Dallas location for Instagram.

So, if you are into Instagram and looking to shoot the next Dallas Street Art Murals, this is the perfect location you must not miss out on once you are in the city. The excellent Dallas Street Art Spot is on Howell Street and North Riverfront Boulevard.

8. Deep Rawlins Mural - a stunning Dallas Street Graffiti

One of the most impressive works of Dallas Street Graffiti in Deep Ellum features a picture of Dallas resident and poet Rawlins Gilliland by artist Steve Hunter.

The grimacing guy referred to as "Deep Rawlins" is Rawlins Gilliland, a "real character" who has lived in Dallas for a long time. This Dallas Street art is close to Crowdus and Elm Street intersection and was painted by fine British artist Steve Hunter. He moved to Dallas in 2004, and it is his first work for Deep Ellum. The striking mosaic piece was created as a part of the 42 Murals project, which invited 42 North Texas artists (and one from Europe) to "paint the town."

As you might expect, Rawlins wrote a poem just for the painting, which Hunter included in the work. Sadly, the poem was removed during renovations after Deep Ellum Hostel bought the building. Hunter wants to recreate the poetry in paint.

So, once you are in the city of Dallas and looking for the most well-known Dallas Street art, this must be at the top of the list, which you must always visit.

This Dallas Street art is in Long Building – 2801 Elm Street.

Deep Rawlins Mural Dallas Street Art

9. JFK - Dallas Street Graffiti

Despite being simple, the JFK Mural in Dallas symbolizes everyone looking to get involved in the street art industry. In 1963, while he was traveling in a motorcade into Dealey Plaza in Dallas, President John F. Kennedy was assassinated.

Funny enough, one of the artists of the JFK mural, Theo Ponchaveli, also painted a mural of his assassin, Lee Harvey Oswald, in Dallas, more specifically, in the Bishops Art District.

But don't believe that folks have gone insane and started paying respect to the most notorious Dallas murderer. As an alternative, it serves as a reminder to "forgive your enemies but never forget their names."

So, when in Dallas for the finest Dallas Street art, this beautiful Dallas Street art has to be on your list of the top Dallas Street Graffiti. The global map artwork from the JFK graffiti may be seen on the opposite side of the store. In front of the Alamo Drafthouse Theater is the Dallas Street graffiti.

Josh Mittag and Theo Ponchaveli are artists of this very well-known Dallas Street Graffiti.

JFK Dallas Murals

10. Deep Ellumphants – The Famous Elephant Mural in Dallas

One of the best Deep Ellum murals is a herd of blue-hued elephants that Adrian Torres painted on a plain white wall. A herd of blue-hued elephants painted on a simple white wall by Adrian Torres is one of the most outstanding Deep Ellum murals.

It is another highly sought-after Dallas Street art that you must visit once you are in Dallas.

Deep Ellumphants Dallas Street Art

11. Stevie Ray Ellum

The Deep Ellum streets are decorated with colorful murals honoring the great guitarist Stevie Ray Vaughan, born in Dallas.

Viewers can distinguish Vaughan's recognizable hat even in the abstract block hues. Vaughan was a blues icon and renowned guitar hero who attained mainstream recognition. His tunes "Pride and Joy," "The Sky is Crying," and "Crossfire" are all well-known.

So, in Dallas, you must visit this stunning Dallas Street Graffiti at 100 North Crowdus Street. Steve Hunter is the artist of this beautiful Dallas Street art.

Stevie Ray Ellum Dallas Street Art

12. Love Equation Mural - One of the Best Places to Take Pictures in Dallas Tx

It is a popular location for photos of proposals and engagements and family, pets, and individual portraits. The final result of your love equation is up to you, after all.

The location of the Dallas Street art is Daniel Garcia, Mario Garcia, and Janet Aguirre, and its location is 504 North Madison Avenue.

Love Equation Mural Dallas

13. Stevie Ray Ellum

When it comes to Dallas Street Art, Deep Ellum is what you frequently hear about. If you are wondering, the Deep Ellum streets are decorated with colorful murals honoring the great guitarist Stevie Ray Vaughan, born in Dallas.

Viewers can distinguish Vaughan's recognizable hat even in the abstract block hues. Vaughan was a blues icon and renowned guitar hero who attained mainstream recognition. His tunes "Pride and Joy," "The Sky is Crying," and "Crossfire" are all well-known.

Murals by Stevie Ray Ellum frequently include solid and graphic designs and a variety of themes, such as portraits of well-known musicians or abstract patterns and motifs. Along with his own life experiences and interests, Dallas' culture and history significantly impact his art.

One of the most well-known murals by Stevie Ray Ellum is a portrait of the musician Stevie Ray Vaughan that is painted on the side of a building in the Deep Ellum neighborhood. Another well-known mural by Stevie Ray Ellum is a colorful abstract painting titled "The Evolution of Deep Ellum," painted on the side of a building close to Elm Street and Malcolm X Boulevard.

The prolific artist Stevie Ray Ellum is still producing new murals and works of art today.

14. Tonatiuh Mural

The Tonatiuh, known as Sunburst, was developed by Daniel Munoz in Deep Ellum in 2010. Tonatiuh, "he who goes forth shining," refers to the Aztec god of the sun, fertility, and sacrifice.

In Dallas, Texas, there is a colorful work of street art called the Tonatiuh Mural. Francisco Franco, a well-known muralist specializing in large-scale works that address issues of identity, culture, and community, is the artist behind it. A powerful Aztec sun deity named Tonatiuh is shown in the Tonatiuh Mural, surrounded by elaborate geometric patterns and symbols. The painting is around 60 feet by 20 feet in size and is on the side of a building in Dallas' Oak Cliff district.

The Tonatiuh Mural is a well-known Dallas Street Graffiti and a popular Dallas Street Art spot for tourists and street art fans because of its vivid colors and striking images. The mural's portrayal of the city's rich cultural past and its embrace of indigenous customs are especially noteworthy.

So, once you visit Dallas for Dallas Street art, see this stunning Dallas Street art spot.

Tonatiuh Mural Dallas

15. Mega Zee Dallas Street Art

Dallas Street art wouldn't be the same without Sanah Brown's message to her daughter Zee and other young people. Young (and not-so-young) individuals are encouraged by the artist in her artwork to dream big and never give up despite social pressure. to awaken the inside "mega."One of the most popular Dallas murals is Mega Zee. Not only is this graffiti wonderfully beautiful, but it also conveys a meaningful message that we should never forget.

Mega Zee Dallas Street Art

How to get around Dallas?

Dallas is a vast metropolis with distinctive neighborhoods. But despite how unlike these communities are from one another, they all include eye-catching street art. Even though Deep Ellum has most murals, you must drive yourself, use Uber, or take a bus to Dallas. To go to another part of town, we advise you to take an Uber plus a stroll around the neighborhood.

Traveling around by Bus

For $6, you may purchase a DART Bus Day pass, which entitles you to unlimited trips on both buses and trains until three in the morning the following day. You only need to download the GoPass App to your phone and set up your day pass to obtain these passes. When you board the bus, you only have to provide it to the driver once it is on your phone.

Taking a car? Additional info on parking

To visit these murals in Dallas is relatively easy because there are plenty of parking spaces along the many Deep Ellum avenues. The bulk of the parking spaces along the routes are metered, and every meter is free during the day until 6 p.m.

Dallas street art is a venue where artists from many countries may display their skills and convey a message or an idea to the world. Dallas's graffiti community offers a variety of styles, including wall art that serves as a daily reminder of societal concerns like the USA or lovely murals for Instagram photos like angel wings, diamond, and cactus murals by Juan Castillo, a painting.


Dallas is a city immersed with impressive street art, and while many of the city's murals are located in Deep Ellum, the other areas are no less impressive. We hope we provided some exciting photo suggestions among the many Dallas locations where you may shoot pictures.

However, Deep Elum is the most prominent of the many Dallas Street Graffiti.

In Deep Ellum, 42 GALLERIES has long served as a performing and visual arts hub. They started the 42 Murals initiative to display the artwork of regional, international, and local artists across the Deep Ellum community. You can see their ability as you stroll the streets; the colors and energy are vibrant and exciting.

We hope this blog may help you discover your favorite mural if you're in Dallas. If you're not local to Dallas, we hope this visual tour will give you a peek at this incredible neighborhood and the creative and imaginative individuals living there.

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