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Top 15 Houston Street Art and Graffiti Spots

March 27, 2023 11 min read

Top 15 Houston Street Art and Graffiti Spots - The Trendy Art

If you are intent on exploring Houston Street Art, it is important you have a basic idea about the history of street art in general and especially that of Houston Graffiti Art.

A brief history of Houston Street Art

Since ancient times, walls have been covered in this disruptive, vibrant, and egotistical popular art style, including in Houston. Since the 1960s, when gangs or "crews" established social order through the preservation of writing and started spray-painting names and messages on buildings as forms of dissent, aggression, or recreation, modern graffiti has existed. By showing up on apparel, ads, music albums, computer fonts, public art murals, and other things, graffiti has unquestionably become a more mainstream and accepted creative style. Rappers like Bun B, Slim Thug, and others have highlighted local graffiti artists and featured their work in music videos and record covers, which has greatly contributed to Houston's burgeoning hip-hop culture.

Greater graffiti history can be found in places like Philadelphia and New York City, but Houston's past is less well-known and shorter. However, Houston continues to host a distinctive array of occasions that helped make Houston Street Art successful. The Urban Animals, a group made up of Edie Scott and Scott Prescott, were well-known for their roller hockey, bar hopping, cross-town skateboarding, and graffiti art.

To provide Houston artists, including graffiti artists, with an inexpensive place to live and work, the Commerce Street Artists' Warehouse (CSAW) was established in 1985. The venue had a performance area and a display space, and it was housed in a warehouse on the far eastern fringe of the city. Although CSAW experienced internal leadership issues, it continued to use the building as a residence and workshop for up to forty artists.

Giving the city color

The City of Houston hired about thirty artists to create "mini murals" last year, which allowed the artists to spruce up the city's areas by painting over utility receptacles. Houston Street art is now everywhere in Houston, from the enormous murals painted by street artists like Tarbox and Gonzo to the tiny paintings that draw Houston commuters' attention at every stoplight.

Gonzo takes pleasure in the vivid hues he uses in his murals for Houston. His use of vivid yellows and oranges is influenced by Mexico, but he added that the colors also demonstrate how easily we can all work together. Gonzo claimed that when everyone from all over Houston belonging to different backgrounds and cultures came together for this special cause.

So, over the long history, we can see that Houston Graffiti Art has flourished and continues to do so even in the present day. If you too are interested in exploring the different Houston Street Art spots.

Graffiti Wall Art

The current-day Houston Street Art 

Are you looking for free activities in Houston that mix great vistas and exercise? Take a stroll through the neighborhood and treat your eyes to Houston Street art and paintings that are vibrant, diverse, and connected to Bayou City legends.

More than 1,000 outdoor works of art have been installed throughout Houston, according to Emily Ding, a Chinese American artist who was born and raised in Houston. "Houston's street art and street art community reflect the diversity of Houston itself, with people who come from all different backgrounds and ethnicities," she said.

1. Houston Downtown

Houston's downtown is beautiful with its enormous buildings, open commercial spaces, and storied art area. A downtown is a wonderful place for all things artistic despite being a sophisticated center for business visitors. It is one of the largest areas for the visual arts and also for Houston Street art.

Downtown is well-known for having live music events and the neighborhood farmer's market in addition to public art installations which comprise mainly Houston Graffiti Art. Graffiti Park and the Houston Graffiti Building are two of Houston's most well-known spots for street painting. Such art areas are great places to find captivating exhibitions of vibrant street paintings.

Graffiti Park Houston

2. Graffiti Building Houston

When on the lookout for Houston Street Art, you must make sure to take only a few steps to separate the Graffiti Building from the 8th Wonder Brewery. The most outrageous paintings you'll ever see cover the entire surface. These were created by independent artisans after export orders. Each piece of wall art in the Graffiti Building has a unique narrative. They each distinctively capture the personalities of different local artisans. The entire structure is covered in paintings that honor everything Space City, including NASA, the Astros, and Texas icon Selena!

Here are a few of Downtown Houston's most motivational wall art paintings in case you want to learn more.

Graffiti Building Houston

3. Greetings from Houston

In the shape of a colorful salutation, this Houston artwork captures the essence of Space City. Daniel Anguilla, a well-known local artist in Houston, is the creator of this Instagram-worthy artwork. The street art examines the artist's Mexican background, uses iconic images, and extends a cordial welcome to onlookers. It is one of the most Houston Street Art pieces you must not miss out on visiting when in Houston.

Greetings From Houston

4. Preservons La Creation

This Houston Street Art painting is the largest in Houston and was created by Sebastien Boileau. The 10,000-square-foot mural, which is one city block wide and five stories high, occupies the Midtown intersection of Fannin and Tuam. It honors protection and preservation.

The project highlights the significance of Houston's gentrifying and transitory areas. It sheds light on the need to preserve ancient environments. Michaelangelo's "The Creation of Adam," which prominently rises over a rapidly expanding metropolis, served as the inspiration for Boileau's art.

The Houston Graffiti art painting is on the rear of the building and faces Fannin Street, even though the location's address is on San Jacinto Street in Midtown. There is plenty of space to choose the ideal picture position because the mural is in front of a vacant lot.

Preservons La Creation Houston Graffiti

5. Houston's Zero Hunger Murals

The biggest public art painting in Houston is this one. A neighborhood artist by the name of Dragon76 produced this eclectic piece of art. The 13,000-square feet mural illuminates’ societal problems like hunger and destitution and has a contemporary aesthetic. It is one of six paintings on the globe intended to increase support for efforts to end hunger in all its forms.

Despite not being specific to the city, a recent art exhibit sheds light on the difficulties of being poor and the dream of never again going without food. On the side of a hotel, there is a huge art installation that spans five floors and 13,000 square feet.

Houston's Zero Hunger Murals Houston

6. Biscuit Paint Wall

When it comes to Houston Street Art Spots, the next destination the Biscuit Paint Wall is a mainstay of the city's art scene if you enjoy subdued colors. One of the most well-known paintings in Downtown Houston depicts a multi-colored landscape that is dripping with color. Sebastien Boileau, a French designer, created it once more. In May 2014, this Houston public painting was produced. It links to the Biscuit Home, a charming corner store.

In 2014, the design shop Biscuit Home commissioned this mural, which made its premiere at the Biscuit Paint Wall. The Biscuit Paint Wall has been replaced with the Montrose Paint Wall, and the building is now a charity shop.

The proprietors of the new, larger location of the crisp, fresh, and smart design shop asked Boileau to design something that was suitably playful and representative of their personality in the former location of B.J.Oldies Antiques. 

The Biscuit Paint Wall transforms from a black canvas that resembles the more conventional black storefront around the corner into a vibrant work of art as a result of the numerous containers of vibrant paint that were skilfully spilled along the top of the wall. It is both biological and designed. And it looks fantastic.

For clients, parking in the yard and on the street is both free. It's simple to visit the mural, but sometimes there are vehicles positioned in front of it, making it a little more difficult to get the ideal shot. But at times if you are clicking snaps, cars parked in front can add to the beauty of your photographs.

Biscuit Paint Wall Houston

7. Houston is inspired

When exploring Houston Street Art Spots, “Houston is Inspired” is a beautiful Houston Graffiti Art that you must not miss out on.

If you don't have a picture in front of this artwork, are you a Houstonian? KTRK-TV reported in 2013 that it was ranked as Houston's top Instagram image. The mural's designs and vibrant hues were created by artist GONZO247 using 250 cans of spray paint. He told KTRK that they are intended to entice you to Houston, the mural's focal point.

The now-historic "Houston is Inspired" artwork was painted in 2013 by Mario E. Figuerora, Jr., or GONZO247, on commission from the Greater Houston Convention and Visitors Bureau. This mural serves as a draw for Houstonians and visitors from all over the globe.

The painting, which is on the intersection of Travis Street and Market Square Park, has already come to symbolize Bayou City.

People visit the graffiti mural from all over the globe to snap pictures and share them on social media. According to authorities, the "Houston Is Inspired" mural is the most popular Houston-related Instagram image, according to ABC13.

According to the Houston Mural Map, there are currently more than 1,000 paintings and other works of art in Houston.

But out of the plenty of Houston Street Art Murals, this certainly stands out as one of the most striking and sensational. Thus, you must make a point to visit this phenomenal Houston Street Art Spot.

Houston is inspired Graffiti Mural

8. George Floyd mural (Multiple locations)

It was only fitting that powerful art would result from the way George Floyd's friends, family, and the Houston community joined together in support of him after his passing while under the care of Minneapolis police. His demise not only prompted tens of thousands of demonstrations across the country but also inspired beautiful and original murals. Just make sure to bring your phone with you.

In this beautiful Houston Street Art, which is near the Houston neighborhood you can see George Floyd grew up, a guy knelt in front of a mural and tribute to Floyd on a corner shop's wall. Forever breathing in our souls, reads the wording at the summit of the painting.

George Floyd Mural Houston

9. Heights House Mural

The Heights House Hotel transformed a dilapidated site into a hip spot for residents and visitors. Sergio Aguilar and José Kontos, two Mexican muralists from Monterrey, contributed their work to this interesting makeover.

Heights in Houston. Cavalcade Street, 100 W. The eccentric and newly established Heights House Hotel is decorated with this enormous mural. The mural, which faces south, was painted by @sar_sergioaguilar, @mural. agency, and @xusangel. It has an interactive place on the pavement where you can take some amusing pictures of an extra-terrestrial kidnapping. Outfit specifics.

It is another very beautiful Houston Street Art that needs a visit when you visit the beautiful Houston Street Art spots.

Heights House Mural Houston

10. Just Keep Growing Mural Houston

When it comes to the great Houston Street Art collection, you have to visit the Just Keep Growing Mural.

It is located at the Heights/Favor the Kind/642 Yale St. The artwork can be found at Favor the Kind, a house and apparel store. Grab your pals, visit, snap a photo, and then head out to buy! Heights Mercantile has plenty of parking space accessible.

Just Keep Growing Mural Houston

11. I love you wall

Speaking of the finest Houston Street Art collection, the “ I Love You All" has to be at the top of the list. Love one another! Grab your special someone and visit the I Love You Wall for the loveliest couple of pictures! If you want to flaunt your significant other to the world on Valentine's Day or any other day of the year, this location is ideal. The wall is covered in a variety of red, black, and white painted expressions for those three unique phrases.

This mural was made by artist Shelbi Nicole in 2016 for a dreamy Houston proposal on the wall of Harold's in the Heights, where it still stands today for more couples to rejoice in their love.

Expert artists often rate this Houston Graffiti Art, as one of the most beautiful ones ever created.

I love you wall Houston

12. The Astros Star Mural

When exploring the finest Houston Street Art Spots, the next on the list has to be the Astros Star Mural.

Here you can take some adorable pictures at the Astros Star Mural while you support the home team! For baseball season, this is the ideal addition to your Instagram stream. Although the city has several Astros paintings, this is undoubtedly one of the favorites.

Houstonians are Astros fans, that's for sure! By taking a picture with this famous work of art, you can prove how Houstonian you are! The location for this adorable Houston Graffiti art is 321 W. 19th Street Houston, TX. So, make sure you do not miss out on this splendid Houston Street art while exploring the fascinating city of Houston.

The Astros Star Mural Houston

13. Abstract Happy Beach Wall

Amongst the many Houston Street Art paintings, the Abstract Happy Beach Wall Mural is one of the finest.

You can pose for the camera at Downtown Houston's surreal Happy Beach Wall. This vibrant, bubbly, fanciful dreamscape street art artwork was created by the well-known married team of Zosen Bandido and Mina Hamada. It is situated in the center of EaDo and has a frame made of interlocking designs in soft colors that were designed to celebrate the 2015 HUE Mural Fest.

The Abstract Happy Beach Wall, with its organic soft, vibrant, and pleasant hues, is located in the center of EaDo at 800 Chartres Street. It was made in celebration of the 2015 HUE Mural Fest.

The murals are the work of married artists Zosen Bandido and Mina Hamada, both of whom live and work in Barcelona. As you might expect, the pair frequently works together. Prints, drawings, pottery, streetwear, and shops all over the world sell products with both artists' artwork on them.

Abstract Happy Beach Wall Houston

14. Taming the Beast Mural

Taming the Beast is another flourishing piece of Houston graffiti art in the center of the Fifth Ward. It is a lovely fusion of tribal faith and culture and one of the finest Houston Street art pieces. It is a vibrant painting that honors shamanism, faith, and history. This masterpiece was created by renowned Miami-based artist Luis Valle, who is well-known for his native ideas.

As already mentioned, Taming the Beast, a dynamic artwork made during the 2016 HUE artwork Fest, is located in the center of the 5th Ward on Opelousas Street just north of Maury Street. It combines inspirations from indigenous cultures and faith.

The Miami-based artist Luis Valle (@el_chan_guri on Instagram), who designed the piece, is frequently hired to paint paintings and other works of street art on buildings in South Florida communities and businesses.

Valle is renowned for fusing inspirations from psychology, shamanism, faith, and frequencies. He is regarded as a mainstay of the Miami art community.

Beginning photographers should be aware that this location can get crowded at times. When deciding when to attend and what times to visit, use common sense.

Location Houston, Texas 77026, 1899 Opelousas St.

The Ideal Time to Take Pictures: It could be argued that sunrise in the early morning is the ideal time to take pictures of the artwork.

Parking is accessible nearby for free in lots and on the street. Photographers should be aware that this location can get crowded at times. When deciding when to attend and what times to visit, use common sense.

Taming the Beast Mural Houston

15. Houston Typography

Houston Typography is among the finest paintings of Houston Street art. It is a group of six original paintings that proudly represent Texan culture. These typographic paintings, which include well-known Texas sayings, are vibrant and full of southern charm.

Everything put together this Houston Street Art spot is truly a fascinating location, which we are sure will win your heart. All the more so, if you are an art enthusiast.

So, it is indeed another must-visit Houston Street Art Spot.

Graffiti Canvas

Which of the Houston Street Art Murals is the largest among the many?

We have now discussed the 15 top Houston Street Art spots, but you might be wondering which is the largest among the many.

Zero Hunger Houston Street Art

The "ZERO HUNGER" artwork is huge. It was made by the artist known as Dragon76. On the exterior of a hotel, there is a huge art installation that is 13,000 square feet and five storeys tall.

It is one of six paintings intended to increase support for the fight against hunger globally and to increase consciousness of the issue.

In Houston's downtown, at 710 Crawford St., you can see the artwork in reality. According to a statement from Houston Mayor Sylvester Turner's office, more than 738,000 individuals in Harris County were thought to be food vulnerable before the COVID-19 pandemic. The U.S. Office of Disease Prevention and Health Promotion defines food insecurity as a change in eating habits or food consumption brought on by a shortage of money or other means.

The COVID-19 pandemic and the February winter disaster have made it even harder to fight starvation. So, in terms of causes to this is one of the strongest causes for creating awareness regarding hunger. 

Zero Hunger Houston Street Art


To sum up, we can say that any Houston area you visit will have paintings painted on the walls. It's also not an accident. Cities across the nation, including Houston, have adopted the formerly illegal art form in recent years to boost tourism, revitalize and link communities, give artists access to public places, foster civic pride, and spark discussion. The forthcoming public mural painting event, which will bring artists from all over the world to Houston, including Houston's own, demonstrates Houston's support for Houston street art.

We are sure when exploring the Houston Street Art Spots you can expect to have the most enjoyable time. 

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