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Top 15 NYC Graffiti and Street Art Spots

January 02, 2022 11 min read

Top 15 NYC Graffiti and Street Art Spots - The Trendy Art

New York is the city for art lovers. It is filled with walls painted with graffiti art, artistic restaurants, and classic exhibits that look stunning in all settings. New York Street Art started back to the 1970s when New York was filled with criminals. Kids in Brooklyn responded to this bankruptcy and increased crime by bombing the subway walls with graffiti tags. Even though it was considered a crime back then, kids used to do it a lot. That's when graffiti art made its way to the museum and New York art galleries.

Ironically, it was not considered vandalism. Instead, it became one of the most famous art forms in New York. If you ever visited New York, you must have already come across the street walls painted with graffiti art. These include random paintings and more detailed ones.

New York graffiti artwork conveys a special message. The best places to get a closer look at those New York graffiti artworks are in The Bronx and Williamsburg. The good news is that this city has many areas where NYC graffiti artists have painted the walls and subway streets with graffiti art. You have come to the right place if you, too, are a graffiti art fan. We have listed the top 15 NYC graffiti artworks you will love in this post. So, the next time you plan a trip to the Big Apple, here are the top NYC graffiti paintings you should not miss out on.

Graffiti Wall Art Collection


1. Banksy Hammer Boy

Banksy tops our list for the best street artists in the world. Banksy has attracted an enormous fan base despite being anonymous, especially among aspiring New York graffiti street artists. People not only love him for his flawless paintings, but his artwork portrays a special message that any viewer can understand. One such adorable graffiti artwork of Banksy is in New York City. It seems like this England-based street artist is in love with the Big Apple. Unfortunately, only a few New York graffiti artwork pieces are left on the streets. 

Haters have destroyed his paintings in most areas. One New York graffiti piece that remains intact is the Hammer Boy at Trader Joe's. Because of the building owner, this painting is still intact on the wall. It is shielded with Plexiglas. The artwork is pretty simple. It features a child playing the role of high striker, which is commonly seen at carnivals. Banksy has not mentioned anything about the painting on his website, but it's one of his masterpieces. And it is a beautiful graffiti artwork that can be viewed on the upper west side of Manhattan.

Located in : DSW Designer Shoe Warehouse

Address : 233 W 79th St, New York, NY 10024

Banksy Hammer Boy NYC


2. Keith Haring Crack is Wack

Crack cocaine had become popular in the United States in the 1980s. Through this New York graffiti artwork, Keith Haring, a famous pop art artist and social activist, conveyed the importance of quitting cocaine use and staying away from substances that harm your physical and mental health. Today, it has become a reminder of Keith Haring's talent. He painted this mural in 1986. Found in East Harlem, close to the Harlem River Drive, this New York graffiti has received a lot of appreciation from artists and viewers who enjoy NYC graffiti artwork.

There is much more to this painting than the "crack is wack" message. It is inspired by the crack pandemic in New York City in the 1980s (as mentioned above). He painted the wall without permission at that time, but today, it has become a masterpiece. This graffiti art still inspires hundreds of thousands of viewers, especially cocaine consumers. It's unbelievable how a simple New York graffiti could deliver such an intense message.

Address : Harlem River Park 128th Street and 2nd Avenue, New York

Keith Haring Crack is Wack NYC


3. Audubon Mural Project

Those who want to witness the best view in New York City, they should head to 133rd street. The walls and the monumental buildings on these streets are adorned with lovely birds. It is not a couple of birds, but the whole buildings are colored with gorgeous birds, representing around 300 species of birds threatened by the effects of global warming. People appreciate the New York graffiti artists' initiative of spreading awareness about global warming and conservation of the bird species through NYC graffiti artwork. These New York graffiti artists are from the Audubon Mural Project. Having painted 67 birds already, we expect more species adorning the walls and gates of these New York graffiti streets.

Address : 575 west 155th street New York

Audubon Mural Project NYC


4. Houston Bowery Graffiti Wall

Also known as the Houston Bowery Wall, Bowery Wall is located in the lower east corner of Manhattan. This outdoor wall displays stunning New York graffiti that keeps changing every now. You should not miss out on the Bowery NYC Graffiti Wall if you ever visit Manhattan. This one is definitely worth your time, and you will love the details and colors in this New York graffiti artwork. 

This wall became famous after Keith Harring painted the walls with NYC graffiti artwork in 1982. The wall showed a replica of Harring's original artwork on his birthday (though he wasn't alive anymore). Since then, viewers have been visiting the Houston Bowery New York Graffiti wall to get a closer look at the best street art in New York. A few famous artists who painted the Bowery Wall include OsGemeos, JR, and Banksy. This wall serves as a place that speaks the truth. It's a visual representation of how street art in New York and political events go hand in hand.

Address : 76 E Houston St, New York, NY 10012

Houston Bowery Graffiti Wall NYC


5. The Graffiti Hall of Fame

Located at E 106th Street and Park Ave, the NYC Graffiti Hall of Fame is a one-stop destination for aspiring street art New York artists. Viewers who love walls and streets painted with graffiti art will love this NYC graffiti spot. However, the place is mainly for NYC graffiti artists who want to showcase their skills on the plain walls. The Jackie Robinson Educational Complex, established in 1970 in New York, was reserved for NYC graffiti artists. 

New York graffiti Hall of Fame was a place for these people to hone their skills, and they had four walls to practice their graffiti skills. Now, they only have the schoolyard wall where hundreds of graffiti artists from all over the world paint their ideas. The theme is "Strictly Kings or Better." You should visit this street art in New York if you are in the mood to explore some beautiful New York graffiti artwork by the world's most famous artists. You will find street art in New York in different spots. From the art that celebrates classical music to the colorful painting of flowers and other decor elements, there is something for every viewer on these walls.

Address : Park Ave, New York, NY 10029

The Graffiti Hall of Fame NYC


6. Gandhi and Mother Teresa Mural

Eduardo Kobra is a popular name for any street art New York lover. This incredible graffiti artist has done fantastic jobs in the past, one of which is still attracting the attention of hundreds of thousands of tourists. Located on 18th Street and 10th Avenue in Chelsea, the Brazilian Artist, has given his best in this New York graffiti artwork.

The New York graffiti painting is of the two noble people who have contributed to Mahatma Gandhi and Mother Teresa. He has painted the entire wall. It's colorful. This graffiti artwork in New York has changed the look of the Street and the surrounding area. We loved the color combination and the details. You should enjoy this New York graffiti artwork from the High Line. It is a perfect place to capture the picture of this beauty and observe the details in the painting.

Address : Chelsea Square Market at the corner of 18th Street and Tenth Avenue

Gandhi and Mother Teressa Mural NYC


7. Anthony Bourdain Mural

Born in New York and brought up in New Jersey, Bourdain was an influential chef and the host of Parks Unknown. This New York graffiti artwork, located on the lower east side neighborhood, is a tribute to Bourdain. The credit goes to the NYC graffiti artist Bradley Theodore for blessing the viewers with this masterpiece. He painted this beautiful picture of the chef a month after he died from suicide (in July 2018). Ever since Bourdain's death was announced, people in New York and worldwide have been using unique ways to give a tribute to this incredible chef.

For those who are a fan of Anthony Bourdain, this New York street art spot is the place you should visit. You will love the walls painted beautifully with graffiti art. It is undoubtedly one of the most beautiful streets art New York paintings. After finishing the artwork, the NYC graffiti artist posted the picture on his Instagram with the caption, "In a city full of villains, we all need heroes."

Address : 104 Delancey Street New York, NY 10002

Anthony Bourdain Mural NYC


8. The Snoopy Collection

Children love their favorite cartoon characters painted on the street walls in street art New York. In addition, they enjoy watching NYC graffiti art. So, what could be a better way to spend your weekend afternoon than by bringing your little ones to the West Village where you can find "The Snoopy Collection" - A fantastic street art New York?

The Peanuts Global Artist Collective has painted the walls with these cute murals. The comic characters look adorable, and this New York graffiti is something that every kid will want to stare at. These paintings include Charlie Brown to Rocker Snoopy and a lot more. So bring your kids to this street art spot, and you will not regret spending your afternoon watching the NYC graffiti art.

Peanuts Art Wall The Snoopy Collection NYC


9. Love Wall

You must have heard of the love wall in Paris. Well, New York has one too. So if you are visiting New York, do not miss out on this gorgeous street art New York. The surprising fact about this wall is that it was created by accident. James Goldcrown, a self-taught NYC Graffiti artist, checked the paint cans' pressure by drawing heart shapes on the wall. 

He was doing it in his studio, but these New York graffiti paintings turned out so beautiful that the artist realized that the bleeding hearts were no less than a masterpiece. It seems like the NYC graffiti artist was right. The studio has turned into a love wall that attracts many visitors from different parts of the city every day. It's also an Instagrammable spot where tourists gather to snap some fantastic photos of the street wall of New York. It is also a place for couples who love NYC graffiti art.

Love Wall NYC


10. Love Vandal

This Love Vandal is another beautiful NYC graffiti artwork for street art New York lovers. Although it resembles the Love Wall by James Goldcrown, the Love Vandal is different. This New York graffiti features a gentleman completing a heart painting. The art says "I Love NY," and this gentleman draws the heart (which symbolizes love) in the middle.

This person is called "The Vandal," Nick Walker's favorite character who has been featured in most of his New York graffiti artworks. He is not a random NYC graffiti artist, but he has sold large shows and street art in New York. People would wait in lines for hours to be the first one to get his print edition. This fantastic NYC graffiti art can be found on 17th Street and 6th Avenue in Manhattan. This NYC graffiti artist shows his love for the city through this painting.

Address : located off 17th street & 6th avenue in a parking lot

Love Vandal NYC


11. Rag & Bone Houston Street

At the Rag & Bone store in downtown Manhattan, you will find a street art mural that changes regularly. The company's Founder is also a big supporter and lover of NYC Graffiti artwork, which explains "The Houston Project." So the company's CEO knew that this vast blank wall located next to the entrance was a perfect spot for New York graffiti artwork. 

The project has invited graffiti artists from all over the world. As a result, 42 artists painted the wall, including James Goldcrown, Rainer Judd, Typoe, and more. So if you visit this area, do not forget to stop by the Rag & Bone Houston Street and check out the beautiful New York graffiti artwork. The walls that were once blank are now filled with graffiti art that looks stunning and attracts many viewers every day.

Address : 73 E Houston St, New York, NY 10012

Rag & Bone Houston Street NYC


12. Freedom Tunnel

It reminds us of Banksy, the famous graffiti artist who has created a unique world for street art New York lovers. Located on the Upper West Side Under Riverside Park in Manhattan, Freedom Tunnel is a popular destination for tourists (especially adventure and New York graffiti lovers). The site was once abandoned for visitors but is now full of graffiti artwork and is an attractive location that bring people to this place worldwide.  

It is a place for local NYC graffiti artists to show their signature pieces. Go on this underground hike to capture the view of this New York graffiti art series. You may not know the artists, but the murals are definitely beyond amazing. Do not forget to bring your cameras as the tunnel has paintings you will not want to miss out on. The famous Coca-cola painting is still on the wall. Inspired by the 1980s ad, this New York graffiti is there to raise awareness of the homeless people in the area.

Freedom Tunnel NYC


13. The Tiger Near Fulton Street

The powerful and majestic tiger located on the garage door of the Engine 6 Firehouse is a sight to see. This ferocious tiger is painted so flawlessly that every passer-by will take a stop to admire this NYC graffiti art. But, of course, people also click photos of this garage door. After all, who wouldn't like to capture the excellent of this beautiful graffiti piece?

This New York graffiti does not enjoy the fame and attention as the other murals on this list, but it was worth mentioning. The graffiti artist has done an excellent job creating this mural if you observe the painting closely. The details, the combination of red and orange, and everything about this painting are on point. Not only does this art inspires NYC graffiti artists, but it honors the firefighters for their bravery. They are the nation's real heroes, and there couldn't be a better way to show that than this New York graffiti.

Address : Fulton St & William St, New York, NY 10038

The Tiger Near Fulton Street NYC


14. Chinatown Buff Monster

This colorful and bubbly New York graffiti artwork has made Chinatown more colorful than before. This graffiti features happy characters, bold lines, and bright colors, Painted by Buff Monster. The Hawaii-born graffiti artist has mentioned that NYC, ice creams, music, and Japanese culture are a few things that inspire him to do graffiti. 

In the past several years, almost 15 or so, he has worked with many graffiti artists worldwide and was also part of Banksy's famous documentary Exit Through the Gift Shop. His work can be found in art galleries, museums, and streets. Bristol City Museums have added one of the paintings by Buff Monster to their permanent collection.

Address : Chrystie St & Broome St, New York, NY 10002

Chinatown Buff Monster NYC


15. Gucci Art Wall

Lastly, we have the Gucci Art Wall from Ken Scott - a textile and graffiti artwork in NY. Located in the SoHo's parking lot, the wall featuring blossoming flowers and bright colors looks beautiful. The Indiana-born graffiti artist moved to Milan to pursue his career in artwork. This New York graffiti wall has Scott's signature painting that includes roses, peonies, sunflowers, footwear, and a lot more. It is another gorgeous spot in NYC for graffiti art lovers. You should pay a visit if you are a fan of Ken Scott and New York graffiti.

Address : 91 Crosby St, New York, NY 10012

Gucci Art Wall NYC


Bottom Line

These were the top 15 graffiti and street art spots in New York that every art lover will draw inspiration from and that you need to check out. So if you are planning a trip to NY, check out as many of these places as possible and capture the stunning paintings adorning the street walls of New York. From Banksy's inspirational artwork shielded with premium glasses and other security tools to the paintings drawn by local NYC graffiti artists. New York is your one-stop destination for all types of graffiti artworks.

Graffiti Wall Art

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