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What Wall Art for a Bathroom ?

November 15, 2021 8 min read

What Wall Art for a Bathroom ? - The Trendy Art

We generally observe and use the bathroom as a functional space, but with a bit of effort, this purely available space can turn into an area where you can look forward to spending quality time. Furthermore, bathrooms are under appreciated since we spend so much time in the bathroom thinking about other things! Hence, it is very beneficial for our mental health to convert our dull bathrooms into an aesthetic place.

Why are bathroom wall arts essential for you ?

  • They are soothing to see- when you look upon the piece of art that you got for yourself, it acts as an immediate mood changer, and you feel calm from within 
  • Help you enhance your artistic skills- good artwork adds to the beauty of the bathroom and plays an indispensable role in intensifying the aesthetic values in you. 
  • Release stress from your body- After a long day, when you come back home tired, these wall arts help make you forget the hardships you have faced all day to enjoy your time to the fullest. 
  • Make you ponder more about the enchanting world of art. If you get engrossed in a particular painting that you have curated, you might start adoring it to such an extent that you might just begin to develop an interest in the magical world of art. 
  • Inspire you to improve your creativity- these paintings help you unleash your creative side.  
  • Enhances self-esteem- your self-esteem is built up as you get to choose the wall art which vibes with your unique personality. 
  • Imparts a sense of accomplishment- makes you feel proud of your possession.
  • It helps produce the Dopamine hormone- which makes you feel good. 
  • Improves concentration- as you focus more on the paintings 
  • Enhances the feeling of empathy- and enhances the soft nature in you 
  • It makes you self aware- you understand what your likes and dislikes are
  • Fosters good mental health- they reduce depression. 
  • Relieves psychological distress- and keep you stress-free 
  • It eliminates anxiety- and offers you good mental health. 

So we can say that wall art placed in the bathroom can have therapeutic impacts on a person and help a person combat social anxiety, stress, depression, and psychological disorders. 

Bathroom Wall Art

Here are a famous few handpicked design options for you : 

Funky modern abstracts

When decorating the bathroom for the first time, it becomes complicated to choose what exactly you want. So to ease this difficulty, you can opt for modern abstract wall art. Abstracts are not always theme-based and do not have hidden profound messages. Instead, they efficiently complement the look of the wall. The only thing to be kept in mind while selecting the abstract art is that it should complement the bathroom's décor in general. 

Minimalist Bathroom Design

Figurative artwork

Figurative artwork is apt for spaces where you opt to disrobe. The bathroom is such a place. Representational artwork enhances the personal touch in the bathroom. Classical drawings, vintage oil paintings, and realistic portraits are good examples of figurative art. 

Natural prints, inspired by nature

Organic art teaming up with natural vibes is always aesthetically welcoming. Elements of nature are so vibrant and pure that you will surely get something to compliment your bathroom space. There is so much to choose from! Starting with the floral silhouette to wave motifs, nature will never fail to amaze you. 

Playful artwork

Energetic and Playful wall art like vibrant Juju hats, exotic sculptures, and vintage signs are perfect for complimenting bathrooms. This playful artwork also looks stunning in steamy hot showers. 

Aesthetic landscape

A serene look in the bathroom is always desirable. Scenic landscapes are very calming in nature. These can be seaside oil paintings, hand-painted beaches, or beautiful photographs of arid regions. Wall art of this kind will not only help you relieve stress but take your mind to the enchanting far lands after a long tiring day. 


Guide with a few steps which will help you choose the right wall art for your bathroom

Discover your style

You'll be able to pick from a wide range of bathroom wall art options. But, it should suit your personality and vibe well with your spirit. If you are more into aesthetics, you should not be going for funky modern art, but you can opt for a pretty landscape style. You need to recall what you picture when you think of a dream home. One factor to take into consideration is wall art for the bathroom you desire to purchase. It should be your immediate mood lifter; something looking at that will make you happy almost instantly ! 

Choose the medium of art.

Apart from sunlight and heat, wall art for the bathroom also have to endure steam. So you need to choose such a medium that can withstand humid and moist environmental conditions. Preference should not be given to mildew or warp but should be given to professionally sealed back frames. If you desire to decorate your bathroom with sculptures, ceramic and glass sculptures will be durable as they can withstand humidity. Acrylic and oil paintings can also be kept in the bathroom, provided they are enclosed in glass. 

Select an area where the wall art will be hung

Several variables need to be considered when deciding where to display your favorite wall art in your bathroom. The region next to the mirror is a familiar spot for wall art. This gives the wall art a unique edge, and you can cherish your choice whenever you adore yourself in the mirror. Hanging a creative wall art just above the bathtub is also an innovative idea. Another good place to hang your wall art canvas is at the vantage point that appears from your bathtub or shower. You can also consider the idea of hanging small frames of figurative wall art from your bathroom closet or the door. One thing that you should be a little careful about is the drilling of your bathroom wall. Though granite, porcelain, natural stone, tiles, and even glass allow drilling, the activity has to be done by someone professional. This is because it isn't an easy task when it comes to fixing a drill hole. 

Wall Art Bathroom

Find the right size for your wall art.

The length of wall art varies from small to big to large. If you think of getting only one spectacular wall art for your bathroom, you should go for big attractive wall art. If you would like to hang more than one piece of wall art in your bathroom, you should go for various spectacular small ones. You can also opt for one medium-sized wall art and hang it anywhere you desire. The size of the bathroom also matters when you are choosing the size of the wall art. For a small bathroom, one big-sized wall art will look marvelous, whereas, for a big bathroom, several small-sized wall art will look beautiful. However, a miniature work of art hung over your bathtub or placed above the bathroom mirror will look so charming that no big-sized wall art can compete with its elegance. 

Opt for a trusted friend's suggestion

If you are really struggling with your new bathroom décor because you feel that something is not right, then maybe it's just not right! It's genuinely draining that even after trying your best to give your bathroom that perfect look, there seems to be that essence missing. This is the time your best friend or your close friends step in to save the day! Their extra set of eyes and precious suggestions will make that something which wasn't right absolutely alright!

Suggestions which can transform your dull bathroom into a creative space where you will look forward to spending quality time : 

Vinyl wall art

It is often difficult to drill through the bathroom walls as they have a variety of compositions such as tiles, glass, natural stone, or granite. If professionals do not do the drilling activity, there might be leakage problems, which you should consider beforehand. So to overcome these as well as successfully make the bathroom space creative, using Vinyl wall art seems to be the perfect option. Here are funky and aesthetic wall stickers, which can be stuck on the bathroom wall or tiles. They are hassle-free since they don't need any drilling activity. This is an ideal option for people staying on rent as they cannot make permanent changes in the house that they stay in. 

Use of soft artwork for a cozy feel

To get a relaxing vibe from the bathroom space, you need to use elements that make you feel comfortable. Framed pictures of things you like and metal shelves containing grooming products that impress you might also act as lovely artwork. If architecture excites you, then you can keep soft framed pencil sketches of architecture. It's also possible to symmetrically arrange mirrors of different forms to create an entirely another effect.

Maintain cohesive style

The bathroom space should be decorated in such a way that one element compliments the other. If you are a fan of 'vitamin sea' and beaches and oceans excite you, then make your bathroom such a space that your mind can travel to your favorite seaside destination every day ! But putting on a big wall art of your favorite sea spot is not enough. The other elements of your bathroom also have to be thoughtfully arranged to complement this beach vibe. The other factors, including the color of the tiles, should be of a light warm shade. The style has to be maintained to enjoy the total vibe.

Use of dark colors

Though you might feel that dark colors, predominantly black, will be challenging to pull off in a space like a bathroom, if black is your favorite color, then it can be a great wall art décor for your bathroom. The dark background imparts fascinating themes paired with vibrant color elements like animal portraits or hot air balloons, which will excite the traveler in you. But yes, dark backgrounds, like black, require good lighting facilities to look unparalleled.

Opting for a focal point

You don’t need to have ten wall arts to make your bathroom look fascinating. Just one magnificent piece of art acting as a focal point is enough to grab all the attention. You can keep a portrait of the element that soothes your soul and calms you down. 

Creating your gallery

If you are an art lover and curating precious paintings is your hobby, it’s a fantastic idea to make your magnificent art gallery in the bathroom where you meet your unfiltered self. A bathroom is such a place where you spend most of your quality time, and if you get what you appreciate the most, that brings a positive impact on your mental health. 

Reconstructing the Victorian Era vibe

The victorian era was the time when art was at its peak. If you are a fan of that traditional vintage art, then you can reconstruct the victorian vibe in your bathroom. Victorian paintings and statues of the classical era will help you feel the enriched historical vibe in your relaxing space. Cream or off-white elements will compliment the victorian wall art even more. A clawfoot tub accompanied by a chandelier will give a royal touch to your bathroom.

Victorian Bathroom

Summing Up

A bathroom is a place of relaxation. Though most of us use it as a purely functional space, the bathroom is where we meet our true unfiltered selves. This place is of immense importance as we spend a considerable amount of quality time in the bathroom. Severely underrated, bathrooms help us calm down. It is a virtual personal space of our lives which witnesses our raw emotions. This is the reason why we should decorate the bathroom with things which we like. Since the bathroom is where we can be our true selves, we should decorate the bathroom with elements that instantly lift our spirits and make us feel good. 

Bathroom wall art not only adorns the bathroom space but has immense mental health benefits too. When you decorate your bathroom in a particular way, it reflects your personality and provides you with a sense of individuality. In addition, your concentration and focus are bound to improve as you will spend a considerable amount of time glorifying your favorite artwork. 

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