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15 Boho Wall Decor Ideas

November 21, 2022 11 min read

15 Boho Wall Decor Ideas - The Trendy Art

Are you familiar with some of the latest home décor trends? If so, you will be aware that boho art has become very popular, specifically boho wall decor. More and more people all across the world are on the lookout for boho wall decor ideas. If you are not too sure about what it is without going further, to begin with, let us see what boho art and boho wall art is.

I. What is Boho Art?

Bold, vivid patterns are a hallmark of boho or bohemian art. It is a style of art that incorporates a diverse fusion of patterns, textures, and colors to produce colorful works that energize any space. Boho art offers a contemporary method of interior design and is influenced by the bohemian lifestyle.

In other words, boho art is free-spirited, combining various cultures and artistic expressions into an eclectic look focusing on natural materials and the outdoors. Mixing patterns, metals, woods, materials, animal hides, and souvenirs from your trips are highly recommended when creating a boho-style home.

Today's bohemian style emphasizes fusing elements from many beliefs, geographic locations, and lifestyles. The outcome is an eclectic style that is as varied as the sources of its inspiration.

Boho Wall Decor Ideas

II. What is unique about Boho Art, and why is Boho Wall Decor widely used for home décor?

It is a more expressive, simple art meant to captivate your space. Boho art and boho wall decor adhere to different criteria and principles of art, which tend to assume a particular image on the creator's part. Therefore, it is quite unlike most other conventional art forms. Instead, each frame conveys a sense of freedom. When it comes to boho art, one can be innovative and express one's creativity in the true sense.

You may choose one or more pieces of boho art from a wide selection to go with your interior design. Our boho artworks are simple in their use of colors and components, making them simple to match with various interior styles.

III. The Bohemian Design has its beginnings on the fringe.

Nowadays, you can stroll into almost any home store and find components or an entire area devoted to décor in the boho style. Because it's so simple to implement and has gained a lot of popularity, the design trend is evident everywhere, from your favorite cafe to your preferred apparel retailer. At this time, even your 7-year-old niece most likely has the bohemian style down pat. It did not, however, begin as anything so typical.

"What we now understand as 'bohemianism' from a design perspective emerged from early nineteenth-century France, when artists moved into the lower-rent Romani (gypsy) areas of Paris to seek alternatives to bourgeois expectations," says designer David McCartney. "Bohemian design is generally inspired by those who lead a free-spirited, norm-defying life, like travelers, writers, artists, etc. Due to the blending of cultures, a nomadic lifestyle emerged where the quest for money was swapped out for a creative existence and other ideas of beauty.

Boho Art Ideas

IV. For whom is Boho Wall Decor most suitable?

For individuals who want to make sure that their homes seem active, reflect the culture, and be packed with fascinating pieces or products for everyone to see and admire, boho wall decor décor is ideal. The demands of contemporary sensitivities are avoided by this aesthetic. Additionally, it welcomes and celebrates the laid-back, carefree, distinctive kind of strange.

Boho wall art style rooms share specific characteristics compared to one another, although no two rooms are precisely the same.

If you are one of those homeowners looking to give such a beautiful look to your home through similar home décor, you must be looking for boho wall decor ideas.

The boho wall art ideas have drawn influence from those who prefer and accept to live unorthodox or alternative lives. For example, travelers who are always on the go, performers, and writers typically adopt this style.

Boho Ideas Wall Decor

V. What do Boho Art ideas involve?

The boho art ideas are centered on blending elements, hues, and patterns from diverse locales and countries worldwide. The bohemian style can be ideal for you if you're looking for a specific appearance that can be modified to fit your preferences. These can be executed in various ways, including boho wall decor. If you follow boho wall art ideas, you will know various boho wall art ideas can be used. Let us check out fifteen of these ideas:

1. Choose nature-inspired wallpapers for your Boho Wall Decor.

Looking for a unique way to create a stylish living room décor using boho wall decor? Then a nature-inspired wallpaper might come in handy. Wallpapers with plant and floral themes in soft pastel colors complete any room's bohemian vibe. You may complement the style with wicker or wooden furniture and minimalist carpets.

This gorgeous boho wallpaper can bring some brightness into your life. Water-activated, removable wallpaper with a simple application for a pop of design. It is readily detachable, making it ideal for renters who want to create an accent wall or a temporary art display. You can choose from thousands of boho art designs to improve the look of your home. This product is not suggested on walls with natural texture or walls painted with "scrubbable" paints.

2. Incorporation of earthy elements for Boho Wall Decor.

One of the widely used boho art minimalist and fundamental aesthetic aspects are frequently used in bohemian décor. Choose plant-based décor components instead. Hanging wicker baskets, wooden lamps, potted plants, and low-seating couches may contribute to a room's bohemian appeal. Don't forget to add an authentic and rustic carpet to complete the look.

You can hang a tapestry, cover your furniture with blankets, and fill your sofa with outrageous pillows. You can also add a ton of the things you adore since, with bohemianism, "more is more"! You can bring various objects into the space you are decorating. Move them around and experiment with various materials and forms until it feels perfect.

3. Materials for decoration for Boho Wall Decor.

Because boho wall decor is the polar opposite of minimalism, new-age, and slick styles, the Bohemian style considers the idea of maximalism. Therefore, the primary approach to employing décor elements in a space decorated in the Boho style is to mix and match.

Natural materials, such as burlap and sisal, can be combined with silk or chenille textiles. For the appearance to work, the materials should have a 'worn' aspect - not tampered with, yet dazzling. Fringe or crochet abound cushions or curtains, for example, successfully create a cozy-looking global-themed hangout space. Canopies over beds and living rooms are signature ornaments of the bohemian style. It is one of the most widely used boho wall decor ideas, which you can also consider for your home décor.

4. Bohemian Furniture: A Boho Wall Decor feature.

You can't just walk into a store and buy some Bohemian furniture. Rooms decorated in the boho style are typically filled with furnishings accumulated over time. Because of this, worn or vintage objects are appropriate in such a setting. Every object in the space should be one-of-a-kind and have a story to tell. Have fun hunting for old stuff in local shops and choose them independently. If you like what you see, that item will be ideal.

With all of those plush-looking seats and couches draped in vibrant colors, you and your guests will feel the boho art style feeling. In addition, it provides more inviting floor seating.

This unique boho art idea is worth considering to provide a perfect boho art effect and is used by many to beautify their homes and spaces.

Although there are no hard and fast rules regarding the Boho decorating style, earthy hues with a warm tone, metallic colors, and jewel tones are trendy.

5. Use of Bohemian colors.

There are no specific rules for using colors in boho art or wall decor. But you can consider the use of earthy colors with a warm tone.

When it comes to the foundation colors, you should go with dark browns, deep greens, and grays.

Purple in a deep tone, blazing orange, and electric blue are ideal for accessorizing. In addition to a combination, You may also combine textures and patterns. Also, feel free to combine styles that could be better together. You should employ colored textiles, or distinctive designs seen worldwide, such as the Ikat popular in Cambodia.

Similarly, Suzani, prevalent in Central Asia areas, is an option. It adds a touch of whimsy and exoticism to your area. You may also stack the furniture and then hang tapestries and rugs on the walls beside the boho wall decor.

If you believe it's all for naught, remember that the Bohemian style relies on rich colors. Therefore, it would be beneficial if you utilized the color white strategically to add to the overall visual space. Layering is the key that distinguishes the Bohemian look. So, you can consider the same as a part of your boho wall decor ideas.

6. You could include plants and a small tent for your Boho Art home décor.

As a part of boho wall decor ideas adding plenty of greenery to your surroundings is a fundamental home décor notion with many uses.

You can spend some money on potted plants and other indoor greenery for your home. If you are already familiar with home décor, you will already know that indoor plants such as the spider plant, weeping fig, and lucky bamboo offer a rustic, organic touch to your boho home décor. Don't be scared to experiment with lovely potted flower plants like begonias and Calathes. To complete the look, add a tiny, lovely tent.

These simple boho wall decor ideas can enhance your home décor substantially. So, it is worth investing in plants to get an excellent boho wall decor look.

7. Adding an indoor hammock; beautiful enhance to beautify your Boho Art-designed room.

Many believe there can be nothing more "boho" than an indoor hammock. What could be more relaxing than an indoor hammock?

Choose a lovely, natural-colored hammock for your living room to give it a tropical feel. You may add wooden or wicker swings to your bedroom for a bohemian feel.

It is a prevalent boho art idea frequently used due to the great it creates.

8. Consider making way for statement artworks for Boho Wall Decor.

The use of striking colors and textures is essential to bohemian interior design. Therefore, why not employ some statement pieces of art to create a statement?

Imagine decorating your living space with a large oil painting or a collection of smaller art pieces. Choose unframed, unprocessed photographs to emphasize the untamed and rustic bohemian vibe. These can be great to make your whole room pretty attractive. It is seen that these boho wall art ideas can make a massive difference in enhancing the overall looks of your room.

Thus, out-the-box artwork is widely used when it comes to boho wall decor.

Boho Wall Decor 

9. Utilizing metal, a frequently used Boho Wall Decor style.

Even though wood is frequently associated with boho décor, metal may also work well in a bohemian-inspired house.

For this purpose, you must choose some stunning and elegant metal hangings and artwork while decorating your bedroom. Metal vases and four-poster beds with metal carvings are other excellent ways to include metal in your living space.

The boho aesthetic is free-spirited, combining various cultures and artistic expressions into an eclectic look focusing on natural materials and the outdoors.

Mixing patterns, metals, woods, materials, animal hides, and souvenirs from your trips are highly recommended when creating a boho-style home.

10. Using other Decorative Materials.

The bohemian style considers the maximalism school of thought since it is the polar opposite of slick, new-age, and minimalist. In a space decorated in the boho art style, mixing and combining décor elements is the primary approach.

Burlap and sisal are natural materials used with silk or chenille textiles. Materials must have a specific "worn" appearance that is shining rather than altered for the effects to operate. Fringe or crochet-covered cushions, drapes, etc., successfully create a commodious-looking international hangout area. Canopies over beds and other living areas are typical adornments of the bohemian style.

11. Feel free to use textured walls for Boho Art.

Regarding home décor and boho wall decor ideas, textured walls have emerged as the newest fashion statement, and this trend is here to stay.

It is also a staple of bohemian design are walls with natural finishes and striped and patterned patterns. Of course, you must choose green or brown colors to give the room's decor a forest-like vibe.

Along with the textured walls, you can also consider rope shelving. While shelving gives a room more purpose, it's also the ideal component to add some bohemian décor. Choose light wood tones and rope handicrafts and add gathered antiques, vintage things, vases, and plants for a boho-inspired vignette.

All these essential tips can contribute significantly to boho wall art. These are basic, simple, yet very effective boho wall decor ideas.

Boho Wall Art

12. Include some lovely dream catchers.

Lastly, lovely dream catchers are a must-have for any bohemian home décor and integral to almost every boho wall decor idea. To select the ideal combination of colors and patterns for this eye-catching décor item, experiment and explore. Then, to add some funk to the area, experiment with dream catchers that are different from the rest of your décor in terms of color.

As a part of boho wall decor, traditional gallery walls may have a bohemian vibe if they are decorated with colorful paintings and various frames. Once more, mix and match sizes, images, and frames to give off a freewheeling feel. These are some of the latest boho wall decor ideas that are now widely used. If you prefer and taste it, you can try this out.

13. Accessories and Lighting.

Ambient and vibrant lighting settings will help to tie your Bohemian-styled room together and add the finishing touch to the cozy and welcoming atmosphere. Choose objects such as multiple lanterns, various types of candles, table lamps, floor lights, etc., instead of using overhead illumination. It is reasonably easy to obtain a wide range of lights with exciting and appealing patterns and styles. It is appropriate for contributing to the effects of boho wall art.

Accepting the natural parts of the universe is the key characteristic that gives the boho wall decor style individuality. Therefore, add hanging plants, ferns, bushes, etc., to liven up your room. They are successful in increasing the room's brightness and elevating the air quality as well. As a result, your home will look more vibrant with more plants.

Lilies and philodendrons are ideal possibilities since they can resist extremes in temperature and light. You may also think about growing succulents in various textures and colors. Those mentioned above visually stunning flowers need some sunshine and recurrent watering.

These are some boho wall decor ideas that are always worth trying. 

14. Bohemian Decor: A typical Boho Wall Decor feature worth trying.

Bohemian furniture is not something you can purchase from a retailer. Typically, furniture gathered throughout the boho wall decor ideas years is used to furnish rooms decorated in the bohemian style. It is why second-hand or vintage objects fit in an environment like this. These are also great ways to add to the boho wall decor.

Every object in the room needs to be unique and have a fascinating backstory. Have fun and choose specific items when browsing local shops for old stuff. That garment will fit you well if you adore what you see. With all those plush-looking seats and couches draped in vibrant colors, you and your visitors will feel the bohemian style. As a part of the unique, you can also use throw rugs or floor-appropriate cushions to create a cozier ambiance for floor seating.

Furniture with a straight-backed form will not look well in a Boho-styled space since it does not convey the "sit and stay awhile" mood. Instead, choose comfortable, calming furnishings like daybeds and beds with butterfly designs.

15. One of the numerous Boho Wall Decor Ideas is to play with patterns.

Boho is a little unconventional and free-spirited; it's all about doing what makes you happy. You can start immediately by following your passions.

Do you need to think about what color is your favorite? The stunning peachy color you've always adored? You need not think that pink is inappropriate for males.

Stacking similar patterns is one of the most straightforward and affordable methods to master boho design while adding an opulent touch to any home. Injecting various designs is essential, from eye-catching patterned carpets to vibrant cushions and pillows.

To create a look with a bohemian influence, have fun experimenting with contrasting and combining diverse styles, patterns, shapes, and trends. To maintain uniformity, though, and minimize the appearance of disarray, stick with the same color scheme.

You must choose a color scheme to help you stay in touch with all of your aspects, especially in more abundant, deeper shades like burgundy, Emerald green, or deep purple.

How can the design be applied to the wall the best? The most straightforward solutions are to use wallpaper or paint over wall stencils.

Boho Art

Summing up: Boho Wall Decor Ideas

Finally, add antique family treasures, homemade things, and souvenirs from your travels to round out your Boho-styled area. What you love should be shown: bottles, antique showpieces, maps of other locations, or even China sets with mismatched designs. Accessories and artifacts are what tell the tale.

Boho style may still be beautiful and chic despite its tendency toward eclecticism. So, feel free to experiment with everything, from chandeliers to quirky-looking mirrors. The sole guideline you should follow is that each accessory, object, and piece of clothing should tell a narrative.

We hope the 15 boho wall decor ideas suggested here will create the most beautifully designed home décor.

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