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How to Decorate a Slanted Wall Bedroom ?

November 06, 2022 12 min read

How to Decorate a Slanted Wall Bedroom ? - The Trendy Art

In your home, do you have a slanted wall bedroom? If so, you will realize that a slanted wall bedroom creates a better and more distinctive canvas compared to walls faced in a straight line. As a result, you have a far wider variety of possibilities to choose from when it comes to sceneries, photographs, or items that you may use to adorn a slanted wall. In addition, you can go with eccentric designs, such as putting half of the artwork on the vertical wall and the other half on the horizontal wall.

The benefit of having these slanted walls in a room is that they provide the impression of having more space than there is and give the space a new dimension. Therefore, utilizing the wall as a canvas for a work of art is an excellent approach to making the most of the space and blending it harmoniously with the rest of your bedroom.

It's possible that figuring out how to decorate your walls might be a task in and of itself; imagine the difficulty of finding out how to adorn walls that slope. In addition, the traditional methods of hanging images on the slanted wall might not work since the angle at which you'd be looking at them would probably cause the image to get distorted. Determining what to place on empty walls indicates that you will likely need to exercise some creativity in your planning.

Decorate Slanted Wall Bedroom

I) What do we plan to cover in this blog?

In the following paragraphs, we will review several concepts that may help spark some ideas for decorating your walls.

To begin with, let us explore some creative ideas you can use to decorate the slanted wall of your bedroom or any other room. 

Once we cover this, we can look at ways to hang artwork on the slanted wall. It is somewhat a critical job, but we hope with the ways and means suggested here, the job will be simple and easy.

You will be able to use eye-catching wall art and other methods by the conclusion of this article to beautify your bare and slanted wall coolly.

II) How to decorate the slanted wall bedroom in the best way possible?

Sloped walls are advantageous in many ways, as already mentioned earlier. But choosing how to decorate them may be difficult. These suggestions will help you understand how to utilize best and design your sloped wall bedroom creatively.

1) Think about painting the sloped wall rightly if you want a significant impact.

If your room has a slanted wall, painting it light color will give the impression that it is more prominent. It is great if your windows are small and give the room a stunning emphasis. Bright colors will reflect natural light, and dark accents like beams or frames compliment them nicely. They will help create a cozy atmosphere perfect for bedtime cuddles! The tone-on-tone wall design is the most effective. The reason is it is aesthetically pleasing without being overly distracting. However, at the same time, you mustn't use too many distinct colors in one space.

2) Vinyl Wall decals can make temporary decoration on any slanted wall fun and easy.

When you glance at your slanted wall bedroom may appear drab and empty. Perhaps might have considered making improvements but are deterred by the required labor. If you don't want to commit to painting or wallpaper, go for vinyl wall decals for a look that is yours.

For this, you first will need cleaning of the slanted wall with a moist cloth. Then you must let it dry before peeling off the decal and applying it.

At times there may be bubbles forming. If so, you must push them down with a flat, thin instrument like a credit card.

Depending on your style and preference, you can pick from various vinyl wall decal patterns. These will also include abstractions and intricate sceneries. Now with the latest developments in the vinyl industry, there is a whole range of options for wall decorations. Therefore, it would be best if you explored the different varieties now available and then decided on the one that will suit your preferences. 

3) You can hang Wall Paper on the Slanted wall to create a patterned accent wall that looks beautiful. 

If you have a slanted wall bedroom or any room, you will be happy to know that a slanted wall offers a wide range of creative possibilities. The latest research reveals this.

What you paint on them, how high up they are, and the patterns you employ in your wallpaper design for optimum impact are the only restrictions on this remarkable ability to create. The use of patterns is crucial to the design process. They might be baroque-themed for people who want some antique flare in their room or lovely flower patterns that offer a more contemporary vibe. If you are creative, you can consider different effects, including shadows. A combination of all these creative elements in a big way. Depending on your tastes and preference, you can modify what you see on your wall when choosing which pattern is appropriate for any room.

You also need to realize that sizes and location play important roles when designing a slanted wall with wallpaper. Therefore, the good news is that many options and choices have wallpapers. Everything is put together; they can indeed add an entirely new dimension to the decoration of your slanted wall bedroom.

Decorate Slanted Walls

4) You can use Low-Lying Book Cases to decorate and create storage space.

One creative way of decorating the slanted wall and creating storage space is installing shelves at the Bottom of the slanted wall.

If you use something that directly hangs from the slanted wall, it might look to be clumsy and a bit suffocating.

Instead, you can use low-sitting furniture like bookshelves or ottomans. You can consider anything with legs at least 12 inches tall would work!

In this approach, your room will have enough floor space for guests to recline without feeling overly crowded by all of their possessions in one location rather than being blocked from view by towering bookcases. In addition, use one piece per shelf, if possible, to decrease eye heights and increase space in small spaces. With these innovative ideas  decorating your slanted wall bedroom will be no problem. 

5) You can add Visual Texture to the slanted wall.

You may give your slanted wall dimension by hanging wooden beams or inserting wooden struts. It is a fantastic technique to change the appearance of the walls and room while adding some visual texture without making too many significant changes. If there are existing exposed wooden beams in the space, you could choose to stain them to give them more of a focal point. You may make it a complementary color to go with your current theme or contrast it to add some new aspects to the space.

With this addition to your slanted wall bedroom, you can ensure it looks all the more spacious so that you can go for it! 

6) You can consider adding images or pictures to your slanted wall.

Wall art is equivalent to a thousand words. But an orangutan tilted or crooked wouldn't be as interesting to look at, would it?

Thus, you must not pass up this incredible design and consider hanging some colorful artwork. But individuals could spend hours looking for what they need before deciding on something that precisely complements their style or décor plan, so you must not treat this lightly. Because of this, you need to find the perfect piece of art.

It will take quite a lot of effort and effort. Creating around it from scratch can use essential resources like time and energy. You have to make the proper selection that must be ideal to complement the slanted wall. Look at that!

The perfect picture can make a lot of difference to the entire look of your wall-slanted bedroom.It is, therefore, worth the effort and time.

Boho Wall Art

7) Adding Tapestries to the slanted wall can also help in its decoration.

You may pin all four corners of the tapestry, or you can let it loose and let it hang straight down. In some ways, this can add to the dimension of the slanted wall.

You can have it taut against the wall so it lies flat. On the other hand, you could also have it taut against the wall so that it billows out and provides dimension to the wall. Your choice will depend on your particular preferences. The other factors for this decoration of the slanted wall will also depend on the available space.

According to the general rule, if the tapestry is a pattern, hanging it loosely might provide visual appeal.

On the other hand, if it is more of an image or picture, keeping it flat helps provide the most significant perspective. Thus, much depends on one's preferences and choices, and you must decide accordingly.

8) Using wall clocks for decoration purposes

Although placing a clock on a slanting wall could be challenging, it's worthwhile to try because clocks make lovely wall decorations. The only thing left to do is choose a clock that fits your room's aesthetic standards and has a suitable side profile. Clocks with firm side profiles and deep frames, like the Bramwell Brown Weather Clock, may appear ideal on the sloping wall since they make the clock's side view more intriguing.

The excellent news with wall clocks is they are available in different designs and shapes. So depending on your preferences, you can use them creatively to decorate your slanted wall bedroom.

9) Using the right Illumination

If your budget allows, you might want to consider installing a skylight in the sloped wall. While it costs more than the alternatives above, it allows for more natural light to help balance out the enclosed atmosphere created by the sloped walls. Additionally, natural light improves mood and beautifully finishes the area. Since it's challenging for ceiling lighting to be bright enough to illuminate the entire area and there isn't much place for floor lamps, rooms with sloped walls often don't get a lot of light. If the room is a part of an older house, it's also a contemporary approach to updating the space, including that of the slanted wall bedroom.

Slanted Wall Bedroom

10) You can have Brand Art on the Slanted Wall.

Another way to decorate the slanted wall is by hanging the opulent Hermes picture. Once you do this, you will enjoy seeing your guests' attention drawn to it.

If it is s orange color, together with the Duc-carrier emblem from Hermès and the exquisitely placed white and black paint specks, have an allure that is hard to ignore.

The wall art honors the brand's history of artistry and exclusivity while using humor to communicate its aspirational message. In addition to being two-dimensional, the artwork also highlights the opulent elegance of a well-known brand and its humorous side. This extravagant Hermes picture is available in two colors and four sizes.

It is another type of wall decoration that is now frequently used for slanted wall decoration.

Now let us move on to the part where we will discuss how to hang wall art pictures to the slanted wall. 

1) Wall Art Hanging directions for slanted walls

In many ways, you will know that a will be securely hung on your wall if you use glue to attach it. If the wall slopes, you don't have to use stretcher bars or wooden frames, but you should be aware that this might pose issues. There is less room for mounting hooks on slanted walls than on walls without any degree of incline. We provide numerous alternatives, from innovative concepts to drywall screws and nails. Let us look at some essential points in this regard.

2) You must use the screws to attach the Keyhole fastener to each picture corner.

Two different screws should be included with a keyhole fastening. Use one to mount the frame and another to connect the frame. Your photo is protected from jarring and movement in this way! Here, keyholes can be challenging since they have grooves that make it easy for them to slide into our wood screw mounts, but they also have a Bottom aperture that is extra-wide. Thus, all you need to do now is align whatever side looks correct first before moving beneath things.

3) Lay the frame facedown and align the top of a carpenter's level.

You may use a carpenter's level to mark the locations of the screws and check to see whether your image is hanging straight.

Once you do this, you must lay the frame face down on a flat surface when the bolts are in place and then place your level flush against it. At this time, centering the bubble on the level is not required.

Boho Framed Wall Art

4) You must apply masking tape on the fasteners to prevent them from moving.

You need to note that since you are only using the tape to denote the horizontal distance between the top two screws, not much tape is needed.

One or two inches (2.5-5.1 cm) of masking tape ought to be plenty. A piece of tape is required for each of the two top fasteners. The masking tape can be somewhat off-center, but it has to be big enough to cover the bracket's keyhole slot entirely. The tape is simple to label and simple to tear. It can help in some ways to the entire process.

5) The next step is marking the fastener's location with a pencil on the Masking Tape.

Marking the location of your mounting screws is the next vital step in the process. First, you must use a pencil or marker, depending on your preference. Then you have to place it at the same height as the keyhole slot so that it will reveal when held up against the wall, where each screw has to fasten the piece securely.

For this, you can also use sharpeners since they are more convenient for you to hold, but if you want to use a pen, if it seems more exact, then you can also use it, no problem.

6) Choosing the wall picture's height

Once the level is flush with the wall, the next step is you need to keep an eye on the bubble in the center tube. Generally, the level is straight if the bubble is wholly centered inside the tube. If the bubble is not in the middle, tilt the level until it is. The frame should be fastened to a beam behind the wall for the most stability. Use a stud-finder to locate the beams, and then use that location to choose where to hang the image. The determination of the height is a vital step in the process. So, you need to take care while determining the same.

7) You need to note the location of the Top Fasteners on the wall.

You can do this using your pencil; mark two dots on the masking tape representing the levels on the level. To ensure your mounting screws are precisely centered, you must indicate the width of the fasteners. Before you fasten the frame, please make sure your markings are precise. If this is not done, it can lead to several problems later in the hanging on the slanted wall.

The exact needs to be done for the Bottom fasteners as well.

8) How far the top and bottom fasteners are from one another needs to be determined.

By measuring the distance on the frame and then locating that distance below your lines on the wall, you may quickly find the placement for your Bottom set of mounting screws. Note the exact distance between the fastener's keyhole cut-outs.

On each fastener, measure from the same spot. For example, if you measure from the top of the first hole, you should also measure down from the top of the second hole. You should only need to take one measurement if your fasteners are placed uniformly. Measure each side once again to be sure if you're doubtful. It is another very vital step where there must not be any errors for a perfect job in terms of the wall hanging.

All these are vital steps when hanging the painting on the slanted wall bedroom.

Boho Wall Art Framed

9) Measure the height of the Wall Screws from the Bottom of the wall

After measuring the frame, go to the wall and draw vertical lines down from the locations where the mounting points will be using a tape measure (or a level). Again, it would help if you were very accurate in measuring and marking each end so that when they are fitted later, they will remain straight.

10) The four mounting screws should be installed in the locations you marked on the wall.

You need to be using your cordless drill to hang a painting is the recommended method. Depending on the wall material it will be mounted to—drywall or another—be sure to utilize anchors and screws. Brick requires an extra push from wooden pegs pushed deep enough to bite tightly against their foundation. For example, it needs studs or screws into concrete (cement).

11) The fasteners must be hung from the mounting Screws.

To ensure that the location of where the mounting screws will be placed is aligned with the frame, hold it flush against a wall. Then you need to descend and search for the keyholes slowly! If your photo is large and weighty, could you ask someone else to hold on to make the process easier, as it sometimes takes a few tries until they all line up nicely? It is the final step in hanging the wall art on the slanted wall.

Even more difficult than decorating flat walls you will find is trying to beautify the slanted wall bedroom. For a classic aesthetic, hanging drapes on the wall may be inefficient due to age. So, use your imagination when considering what to hang on empty walls. You may find that decorating the slanted wall ideas we've provided above will inspire you to go ahead with this all-important job.

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