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How To Decorate A Large Wall ?

February 15, 2023 11 min read

How To Decorate A Large Wall ? - The Trendy Art

How do you decorate a large wall? Everyone ultimately has to decide what to do with that big, windowless wall, regardless of whether they live in a small city apartment or a vast country estate or if their style tends to be maximalist or minimalist. A lot of individuals indeed struggle with their relationship with empty spaces. Sometimes a large blank wall energizes, especially in a room with plenty of decorative items, bright furniture, and printed area rugs. However, a blank wall can sometimes come across as unfinished and, let's face it, dull. Do you want to add style to every square inch of your home, even the walls? Check out these methods recommended by designers for giving each wall in your home the attention it deserves.

Use a leaning mirror to decorate a large wall.

If you are wondering how to decorate a large wall, using a leaning mirror can be an excellent way for your cause. Beyond instantly enlarging and brightening a space, enormous mirrors are the ideal method to add aesthetically pleasing features to blank walls. Thus, many home designers use mirrors to beautify a large wall. Consider a leaning alternative that can be placed in any part of the house rather than hanging yours up. This addition will undoubtedly improve the visual appeal of your home, whether it is added to the bathroom or a dull corridor. You won't need to add any extra ornamental touches because the appearance's outstanding. Try this minimalist approach for yourself; it's simple and stylish.

In your home, a leaning mirror is a lovely decorative touch. Alter the angle at which it is mounted if you have a large mirror to make it slant. Try leaning a mirror towards the wall to give it a slant position rather than hanging it flush against the wall. A slanted mirror makes it simple to change the presentation in a room. Try placing a leaning mirror in a space to add some flair. To decorate a large wall, all you need to do is place the leaning mirror against it.

Mirror to decorate a large wall

Floating Shelves are a great way to decorate a large wall.

When decorating a large wall, floating shelves are trendy. It is for good reasons too.

Floating furniture will infuse a room with life from floor to ceiling in the most fashionable manner. Even though exposed shelves alone would be a lovely upgrade, go one step further by combining them with a floating console to make a statement piece that everyone will notice. Dress up these surfaces the same way you would any other area. Well-curated vignettes, including everything from framed pictures to antique jewelry, will bring any blank wall to life.

A floating shelf is a go-to accent for interior designers to enhance a room's aesthetic appeal and practicality. These adjustable shelves are affordable, efficient with space, and accessible in countless finishes to match any home design aesthetic. Need to be in the mood to shop? No issue since DIY floating shelves is much simpler to construct than you would imagine. Floating shelves are the best option whether you need more storage in your bathroom or want to create an eye-catching focal point for your living room. So, floating shelves are an excellent option for almost any space decorating a large wall. Consider decorating your large wall with a floating shelf.

Shelves to decorate a large wall

Use the rug to hang to decorate a large wall.

There are different ways to decorate a large wall. Out of the many, hanging a rag from a large wall is popular.

Any area may benefit from the texture, warmth, and color bursts that a good rug can bring. But now is the time to temporarily set aside the flooring and affix one to the wall. Any room will feel distinctly design-minded if a favorite cloth is hung directly on the wall instead of the floor. This wall filler will bring elegance and a touch of eccentricity to any house, whether used as a makeshift headboard in the bedroom or as a headboard replacement in the living room.

From Turkish to kilim to weaved, rugs occasionally need more attention than the floor can give them. Making your rug into a work of art is a fantastic solution if your rug is too lovely to use as a floor covering. The good news is that you can quickly and easily put a carpet on a large wall. A rug hung from the wall fills the empty area and may contribute insulation and reduce outside noise. You should take several precautions to safeguard your carpet and wall if you want to transform that rug into a work of art.

If you are wondering how to decorate a large wall, hanging an attractive rug is a great way to help your cause. But doing the same, you must ensure the carpet is stunning. It is one of the best ways to decorate any large wall. Because of this, the tip of hanging a rug from a large wall is trendy.

Select high materials to decorate a large wall.

The next idea of how to decorate a large wall is the use of high materials to decorate the large wall. Do you want to give your bar, kitchen, or coffee station a little glitz? Floating shelves made of marble and bronze will never let you down. This tried-and-true combination quickly gives a room a sense of richness and looks terrific in both colorful and neutral decor. Bonus: New marble floating shelves provide the same streamlined appearance to your design at a far lower cost than marble countertops.

Are you looking for inspiration for new wall décor for your room? Those blank walls are full of opportunities, and a few upgrades may transform a house into a home. Continue reading if you're prepared to convert those drab, barren walls into chic focal points. Whether you're a bookworm, a nature lover, or an art collector, you can personalize your walls to display the things you admire. Know your taste, and then you can use effective techniques to amplify your walls and highlight your uniqueness.

High Materials to decorate a large wall

The use of large-scale art to decorate a large wall

Amongst the ways to decorate a large wall, large-scale art is often used. There are good enough reasons for the help of this for decorating a large wall as well.

In line with this, you can bring something you know will work if you need clarification. First of all? Art in frames. While gallery walls are undoubtedly possible, choose one massive piece of art to create a striking arrangement without joining the crowd. These substantial additions, ranging from pictures to paintings, will soon take center stage in any space. It would be best if you were not hesitant to use this strategy outside the living and sleeping areas. This daring design will work well in kitchens, baths, and corridors.

Invest in one enormous work of art that you genuinely adore and won't want to replace in a year or two. Large-scale engineer wall art posters are a cost-effective method to decorate your walls without going overboard. You may create a striking aesthetic effect without drilling a million nails into your walls or spending a small lot. Additionally, you feel better after a few months about replacing them with something fresh. Therefore, appropriate large-scale wall art can make your large wall look beautiful and fresh.

Employ Height while you are decorating a large wall.

How do you decorate a large wall? If so, you must note various elements will determine how to decorate a large wall. One such element that you can utilize to There are alternatives to hanging photos and getting too artistic if decorating the wall itself isn't your thing. A simple console may add flair to any area feeling drab. Once you have a surface or counter, you may experiment with the ceiling height by adding a range of non-traditional tabletop decorations. Select items that stand out more than you think and are tall enough to access new wall sections, like these fashionable plants.

Apart from this, you can also use vivid hues. Using vibrant colors in your vertical art may draw the viewer's attention and make tall walls appear cozier and more linked to the rest of the room.

One piece of Advice is to make a dramatic piece of vertical art, paint blank canvases of different sizes in complementing hues, and hang them next to one another. All these can make a large wall appear very attractive.

You can use a bright display to make the large wall look attractive.

Consider using a bright display if you want to know how to decorate a large wall. You can give any wall a next-level makeover with well-placed shelves and fun decorations. The wallpaper serves as the room's backdrop, and the word art made of pom-poms is shown prominently. This playful stretch transcends playroom convention and becomes immediately enticing. The shelves and cubbies increase storage but are also adorable enough to function as a design feature.

Decorating a large wall

Use of Curated Vignette to decorate a large wall

The next idea you can use to decorate a large wall is to choose a variety of objects that will work together to create the ideal curated setting rather than utilizing one large piece to take up the bulk of a wall. A foolproof method to achieve this look? Pair a modern seat or ottoman with a framed work of art. Add some throw cushions and blankets to create a welcoming, inviting atmosphere.

It's essential to take into account a variety of elements while designing a gorgeous vignette. Take into account the Height of the large wall you will be dealing with, and be bold and experiment with various item sizes. It's a good idea to mix bigger and smaller components in your arrangement. Overall, it's crucial to keep in mind that less is more. A lovely scene and 3–5 fantastic pieces are all you need!

You may showcase your priceless experiences on a memory wall.

Decorating a large wall with pictures of your memories can be innovative. A house should feel like a home, and pardon us if we make the understatement of the century here. And nothing makes us feel more at home than objects, whether photographs, prints, or ticket stubs, that constantly remind us of the people we love and the special occasions in our lives. With a vast wall, you may collage your most treasured objects as a memory wall. Make use of the entire wall to proudly exhibit your life.

The best part is that, as Pottery Barn demonstrates, creating a memory wall is simple. All you need to do is make a plan. Gather your supplies, determine the sizes of the frames you'll need, and then pick and purchase them in advance. It will be easier to generate contrast and balance if a few larger structures are positioned between smaller ones. To make sure your arrangement feels appropriate, photocopy your memories or images, mount them on craft paper that has been trimmed on the dimensions of the frames, and then stick them to your wall using painter's tape.

Once you are fully ready, all you need is to hammer them through the paper, pull them away, and mark them on the craft paper where the nail will go into the giant wall. Compared to other ideas for decorating a large wall, this idea is very innovative.

Minimalist Art

Use of elaborate, striking decorations to decorate a large wall

There are two options to decorate a large wall with this idea. You may either avoid the area altogether or confront it head-on. It's time to be brave, people if the latter describes your taste (and if it does, we salute you; we share the same opinion). Going extensive with bold décor choices on a big wall will make people speak about your area (in a reasonable manner) and will also assist in giving your rooms a sense of your personality. Consider placing a bold neon sign on a large wall.

Try a trophy head for something even more out of the mainstream. Furthermore, taxidermy isn't your style (and we wouldn't blame you). In that case, gorgeous wire or porcelain trophy heads may provide a sense of dynamism and individuality to your space without the suffering typically associated with hunting. Using bold decorations to decorate a large wall has also emerged as a popular way to decorate a large wall. You may also consider the same, but only if the same goes with your taste and preference.

Your environment may come to life with color blocking.

Whether to decorate a large wall or any other space, you will realize that life offers more opportunity than a bare white wall. A huge blank wall is present in addition to that. Therefore, if you're working with a big blank canvas, using color blocking sparingly might be a simple (and relatively economical) approach to transform a plain space into one you'll want to spend more time in. Not only is color blocking an effective method to give a place new life, dimension, and perspectives. Additionally, it's an excellent method to keep your home fresh. Interior aficionados embrace color to add individuality and give a room a new lease of life, as greys and neutral colors go out of favor.

The ability to be creative is the most admirable aspect of color blocking on a large wall. It can give a unique look to a large wall. Consider making designs on a large wall that are round or semicircular, or try with stripes inside color blocks. Instead of artwork, you could use paint to create a color block with an eye-catching "frame" effect. The idea is worth giving serious consideration to.

Use metallic to decorate a large wall.

We frequently rely on what we are familiar with while decorating a home. We're here to throw a curveball into the mix if you're used to adorning walls with traditional décor items like framed pictures, mirrors, and canvas paintings. You might also feel the same way when decorating a large wall. A method to differentiate your house and provide a sense of luxury is to use metallic accents for massive walls. The universe is your oyster regarding metallic effects, from slightly more bougie gold and silver metallic effects to rustic and solid metals that recall iron and copper.

Consider employing metallics to create practically self-contained artworks on small or big walls. A metallic-framed antique mirror or a row of old candlesticks on a free-standing shelf might draw attention. A feeling of sophistication and edge may also be added to a space by incorporating chrome tones into slightly cooler color palettes. In contrast, contrasting gold with black tones creates a moody atmosphere.

Build a plant wall

Are you a lover of greenery? If so, when you decorate a large wall, you can consider plants. You will like a houseplant if you're one of the many self-respecting millennials out there (even if you're not, this one has no age restriction). Making a plant wall is the best method to tastefully blend all of your plants into one eye-catching design solution if you need to decorate a large wall.

Even though it may appear like a high-maintenance task, creating an indoor plant wall is relatively simple and can be done for little expense and with little work. Make the look of an interior garden without getting too artistic by mounting floating shelves on a big wall and setting potted plants on them. Alternatively, according to The Spruce, you can create your multi-plant holder using a fabric shoe organizer. There are several ways to use a large wall as a backdrop for plants. Glitter Guide advises hanging interior baskets turned planters from the ceiling or leaning them against a wall. Your plants may be displayed in all of their beauty as a result.

Plante wall to decorate a large wall

Incorporate some cloth to decorate a large wall.

Fabrics can also be used to decorate a large wall. You can discover fabrics on the furniture and the floor in most areas of the house, but you often find them elsewhere (and the ceiling, naturally.) Why not, though? When properly incorporated, fabrics may be ideal for a more prominent wall and contribute to a room's fresh and comfortable feeling.

However, knowing where to begin with fabric wallcoverings may be challenging, so we've a few suggestions. As Architectural Digest demonstrates, printed wallcoverings that explode with color, flair, and a traditional European sensibility may carry things into genuinely lavish French Renaissance territory. Space may be made to feel both linked to nature and welcoming by utilizing materials like grasscloth in neutral tones, or you can keep things understated. Matching bedspreads or furniture with fabric wallcoverings may give a room a sense of coherence and familiarity while also providing visitors with something to speak about. Choosing the fabric, of course, is critical to beautifying the large wall. It would be best if you chose something that suits your style.

Create a feature wall.

It might be tempting to steer clear of fads or garish statements regarding walls. The tried-and-true accent wall is back for its second heyday, proving that it pays to keep an eye out for design trends coming back into style. According to design guru Emily Henderson, citing the resurgence of accent walls and the rising popularity of contemporary, meaningful designs on Homes & Gardens, "These newborns have a fresh hold on life."

Using a large wall to create accents will not only help define and zone a space but will make a veritable piece of art in your room, giving you and your guests something to enjoy every time you walk in. While accent walls can seem daunting, there are a few principles you can keep in mind when starting to plan. Try experimenting with contrasts, offsetting light walls with darker tones to create mood and drama.

Minimalist Wall Art


To conclude, we hope the tips suggested here will enable you to create a well-decorated large wall that will appeal to all.

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