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Top 15 Miami Street Art Spots

January 08, 2023 11 min read

Top 15 Miami Street Art Spots - The Trendy Art

Miami is a vibrant city renowned for its immaculate beaches, never-ending nightlife, and fantastic warm weather. Miami is recognized for its stunning skyline, lavish shops, Art Deco structures, and posh hotels. Along with the beaches, Miami is also famous for its Miami street art. Every part of Miami is vibrantly diverse, right down to the streets covered in enormous murals ranging in subject matter from aggressive statements about the danger of rising sea levels to abstract geometric patterns. Miami's street painters don't hesitate to inject vibrant color into the city's many districts. Street art in Miami indeed adds significantly to its overall beauty.

Miami - The World's Capital of Urban Art Wynwood Street Art

Do you know how the famous Miami street art initially got started? If not, you need to know that the Miami neighborhood that was previously beyond limits has been converted by street art from a run-down industrial area into a lively and colorful community. Tony Goldman, an American real estate entrepreneur, had the concept of using the white walls of the warehouse as canvases. The Wynwood Walls were painted by 12 artists that Goldman gathered in 2009, marking the beginning of the street art movement in Miami.

The world's best graffiti and street artists increasingly congregate in Wynwood, notably during the annual Art Basel exhibition of contemporary art in December. The murals gradually develop into new works of art each year.

In 2002, when the world's foremost contemporary art market, Art Basel, situated in Basel, Switzerland, decided to extend its site, Miami street art entered the art world. Miami Beach was chosen as the venue to draw participation from North and Latin America. The country's most prominent contemporary art event, Art Basel Miami, draws more than 77,000 visitors annually. Both Miami Street art and contemporary art were accepted.

The once-industrial Wynwood has been transformed into a magnet for hipsters and artists thanks to a creative plan to develop a neighborhood around urban art in a city where graffiti is prohibited.

You never know what will be around the next turn since Miami street art is constantly changing. Warehouses, eateries, and even bridges are decorated with vibrant murals created by artists of different nationalities, from world-renowned to local legends. The city's major cultural hubs, including Wynwood, Brickell, Downtown, Little Havana, and the Design District, are home to most of its outstanding street art. So put on your walking shoes and discover Miami's secret areas.

Let us now look at the top 15 Miami street art spots.

1. Wynwood Miami

Greater Miami and Miami Beach are home to the vibrant and artistic Wynwood district and the glitter and glamour. For ambitious painters, graffiti artists, creatives, and young inventors alike, Wynwood has evolved into a refuge. These demonstrate some of the finest Miami street art as it is a flourishing area centered on Wynwood Walls and is within a short distance from Downtown Miami, Midtown, and the Miami Design District. Wynwood Walls, a series of enormous murals spanning six buildings, have now become a blank canvas for well-known painters worldwide.

The Wynwood Walls are the ideal starting point for visiting Miami street art. Tony Goldman built both a museum and an outdoor street art gallery there. The Wynwood Walls are fenced and open to the public for free. This is not a dull museum; there are paintings and colorful graffiti all over the walls and doors of the six buildings. Each year, the artworks and exhibitions vary. If you use Instagram, you'll be in heaven because unique backdrops are always available.

Wynwood Walls is where Miami street art got its start. The late Miami real estate entrepreneur Tony Goldman had the idea "to produce and exhibit the best street art ever seen in one location." So he gave the 2520 NW 2nd Avenue alcove with 18 walls as a blank canvas for graffiti art. Wynwood Walls was finished by twelve well-known graffiti artists in time for the 2009 Art Basel Miami Beach Fair. The Walls were famous right away and are today among Miami's most fantastic attractions.

Miss Van, a native of Toulouse, France, painted this mural for the Wynwood Walls complex. At 18, she started creating street art and frequently depicted ladies with angelic and hellish characteristics.

Wynwood immediately gained a reputation as Miami's premier destination for the most incredible street art when Goldman invited well-known and up-and-coming street artists from across the globe to paint murals that would remain there permanently. The Puerto Rican team [La Pandilla], whose work is distinguished by anthropomorphic animal characters and tropical hues, created this artwork in 2011. Franco Collazo. If you want to explore the finest Miami street art in Miami, Wynwood Miami is what you can in no way ignore.


You may taste Miami's eclectic art culture by visiting Wynwood Walls. It includes Miami street art, of course. However, Wynwood Walls are as distinctive as they are artistic, covered in everything from life-size murals of the Dalai Lama and graffiti phrases to abstract paintings and bizarre sculptures.

Most people attend the Wynwood Art Walk on the second Saturday of every month. With food trucks, live music, and galleries that stay open late and provide beverages, this monthly event turns the Wynwood Arts District into a late-night street party and arts festival.

Wynwood Walls Graffiti

2. Graffiti art from the 305 in Miami -known for street art in Miami

Graffiti is prevalent in many cities worldwide, but few have used street art as strategically as Miami, known as "the 305," because of its area code. It is a place that distinctly stands out in terms of street art in Miami. To transform Wynwood, a former industrial district, into a hotspot for hipsters and artists, real estate entrepreneur Tony Goldman began investing $35 million in vacant and unoccupied buildings in 2004. Since the buildings were purchased with private finances, many exteriors function as canvases. As already mentioned, this is an exception in a city where graffiti is often prohibited. The former warehouses and factories are now home to more than 50 galleries, cafés, and restaurants. It is another must-visit place if you are looking for Miami street art.

Graffiti art from the 305 in Miami

3. Wynwood Brewing Company has the finest collection of street art in Miami

Nearby at 565 NW 24th Street, Wynwood Brewing Company serves heavier beverages. It has a taproom and was Miami's first craft production brewery. Beers are $1 or $2 off from 4 to 7 p.m., Monday through Friday, during Happy Hour. It is also a top spot for Miami Street art. So, once you are in Miami and in case you are on the lookout for the finest Miami street art, this is a unique spot that you must not miss out on. So, go for it.

Wynwood Brewing Company

4. Wynwood Kitchen & Bar - a must-visit if you are looking for the finest street art in Miami

In Wynwood, there are many different places to eat. At the intersection of NW 2nd Avenue and 26th Street, Wynwood Kitchen & Bar offers light fare with a view of the Wynwood Walls. Shepard Fairey, a famous graphic designer and muralist created the artwork on the rear wall.

When looking for the finest Miami Street art, the Wynwood kitchen & bar is a must-visit place for all street art lovers. But, if you are one, you must take advantage of the same.

Wynwood Kitchen & Bar

5. Joey's Italian café Miami

It is another place where you can find Miami street art; Joey's is a contemporary Italian café with classic tastes situated in the Wynwood Arts District, which according to Vogue Magazine, is one of the coolest districts in the world. As the first restaurant to operate in Wynwood's artist's area, Joey Goldman, a principal at Goldman Properties, opened it in 2008. Since then, it has become a popular gathering place for locals. Joey's delivers authentic Italian cuisine with traditional methods, but modern sensibilities, and the publication Food and Wine is known for its outstanding pizza. Joey's wine list is meticulously chosen to give the finest matches to highlight the tastes of the meals, making it the ideal complement to the food. Joey's decor is understated yet classy, much like the food.

Joey's Italian Café Miami

6. Miami, USA, Captain America

Although Goldman may have funded the project, he did not influence the artists' freedom of expression. Many of the murals in Miami serve as visual commentary on societal issues that are especially pressing in metropolitan settings. On a wall across from a police station on the borders of Wynwood, for instance, is a painting by American artist Sever depicting the cartoon character Captain America smoking crack. When in Miami, you must visit this spot for Miami street art.

Captain America by Sever

7. Wall Street Labyrinth - Miami Street Art

From October 19 to November 4, 2011, street artist Liqen created Wall Street Labyrinth for Wynwood Walls. It is situated along NW 25th Street. The Spanish Street artist Liquen, whose name is a combination of algae and a fungal spore, views society and biology via his work. His paintings, which can be found across Mexico, reflect a pessimistic outlook on the industry and human destiny.

In his artwork Wall Street Labyrinth, Spanish artist Liqen mocks the US banking industry. Other paintings in Wynwood criticize American politicians, notably former US President George W. Bush, and corporate greed.

Wall Street Labyrinth Miami

8. Gallery 212 Miami for Miami Wall street art

Between 23rd and 28th Streets, NW 2nd Avenue has a lot of wall paintings. New murals are now always painted in time for Art Basel, which takes place the first week of December. Regarding the topic matter, artists are granted complete freedom. Therefore, you shouldn't be sad if one of your favorite paintings gets painted over because the murals are continuously changing.

At the 6,000-square-foot studio gallery in Wynwood, monthly group shows are produced by Gallery 212 Miami & Miami Publicist. Since the group opened in this Wynwood location in 2010, it has grown to take over both properties (2405 & 2407) on the block of NW 2nd Ave and NW 24th Street in less than 5 years. It is estimated that more than 150 artists have been proudly represented on the gallery's distinctive and premier platform.

Gallery 212 Miami

9. Miami Downtown - great for Miami street art

If you know where to look, Downtown offers a few hidden beauties worth checking out, despite the lack of street art there. Anything Can Be Beautiful When You Look At It With Love was painted by the German artistic team Herakut at 1334 N Miami Ave. overlooking Downtown. The stunning painting, completed in 2012 at Art Basel, is the eighth in their enormous storybook project. In addition, a mural by the well-known Purvis Young, whose works are displayed in more than 60 art institutions, including the Smithsonian and the High Museum of Art in Atlanta, can be seen in the Overtown district to the north of Downtown. View his mural, Everyday Life, on the Culmer Library walls in Gibson Park.

Herakut Street Art Miami Downtown

10. Little Haiti - Miami

Galleries, small record shops, and vibrant street murals are all part of the vibrant art culture of Little Haiti. At 5865 NE Second Ave, take a photo of the "Welcome to Little Haiti" sign. The artwork honors community pride by featuring significant individuals from Haitian culture. To see the renowned graffiti eyes by Ahol Sniffs Glue, go to Sweat Records. Everything from Art Basel to VH1's Tough Love series has highlighted the eyeballs.

South Florida's Wynwood Arts District in Miami has been the epicenter of street art for many years. However, news organizations and the art world have hinted that art is spreading into Little Haiti as rents in the area rise and galleries move there.

However, Little Haiti has been dotted with artwork at least since 1994. It could have just been taken for signs.

Most of the street art in Miami in Little Haiti is the work of Serge Toussaint. His storefront paintings identify botanic gardens, barbershops, convenience stores, and even the large Roman Catholic church, Notre Dame D'Haiti, in the area. They differ from Wynwood's modern murals, which might be edgier, more abstract, or in the manner of vintage graffiti. According to the artist, most of Toussaint's murals have three functions: beautifying the area, educating potential clients about a business's offerings, and preserving Haitian culture. Serge Toussaint will continue depicting Haitian history as long as store owners request his services. However, his paintings may increasingly be compared to those of muralists whose work is frequently seen as art rather than marketing.

Whichever way you look at it, when it comes to Miami street art, visiting little Haiti for you when in Miami.

Little Haiti Miami Street Art

11. The Design District Miami - a top Miami wall street art spot

The Design District is a posh Miami area that's impossible to miss because of its slick modern architecture, luxury interior design shops, and art galleries. Who would have imagined that this thriving, affluent neighborhood was once a pineapple orchard and, subsequently, a neglected neighborhood full of run-down, abandoned warehouses? However, the Miami Design District now encompasses 18 square blocks of high-end shopping, fine eating, and art, and it is close to Wynwood and Midtown, two fashionable neighboring towns. So, how can one make the most of Miami's wealth of opulent clothing stores, cutting-edge galleries, engaging public art, and hip restaurants?

The Design District, well-known for its architecture, retail, and fashion, also boasts a fantastic collection of public artworks, including sculptures and murals by Marc Newson, John Baldessari, and Zaha Hadid. For example, visit Daniel Fila's The Sunbather mural at NE 37th Street and Biscayne Boulevard. Pain & Gain, directed by Michael Bay and starring Mark Walberg and Dwayne Johnson, included the painting. One Day at a Time by ABSTRK, constructed as a homage to a local Miamian facing cancer, is another of our favorites, and it can be seen near N Miami Ave and NW 40th St.

The Design District Miami Street Art


By painting the SLS Hotel's side with his vibrant creations, Markus Linnenbrink gave the city's financial area a facelift. Linnenbrink used to paint, water, and gravity to cover about 40,000 square feet. Linenbrink's most giant mural to date is a drip painting.

Markus Linnenbrink Brickell Street Art

13. "Todos los luchadores van al cielo" by Dasic Fernández

To commemorate the tenth anniversary of Wynwood Walls, artist Dasic Fernández produced "Todos Los luchadores van al Cielo," or "All Fighters Go To Heaven." The incredible mural was created as a tribute to the artist's native Chile and all the other countries that, in the words of Fernández, "woke up, started fighting for the minimal conditions of dignity to live and are not giving up until seeing some real changes in their societies and political systems."

Dasic Fernández, a celebrated artist from Chile, is noted for his realistic compositions and striking use of color. From his birthplace Chile in South America to American places like Miami, New York, and Detroit, his works can be seen across the Americas. Several of his pieces with his distinctive inverted drip can be found in Miami, including the sculpture above, "Blooming," which he made for Art Basel in 2015, and a few vibrant female figures that can also be found inside the Wynwood Walls complex.

Todos los luchadores van al cielo by Dasic Fernández

14. Cuban Flag by Galera Collective

Another place to observe street art is in the Little Havana district. By fleeing the Castro government, Cuban exiles founded Little Havana. Although there are fewer murals here than in Wynwood District, Cuban influences may be seen in street art. The neighborhood hub is on Calle Ocho between 17th Avenue and 13th Avenue, where the renowned Rooster and "Welcome to Calle Ocho" sign are situated. Walk east on Calle Ocho toward 10th Avenue starting at 8th Street and 17th Avenue. On the side streets, look for murals. Also, enjoy this area's eateries, art galleries, and shops selling Cuban cigars and coffee.

One of the most recent additions to the Wynwood street art scene and street art in Miami is the stunning mural of the Cuban flag. Following the historic protests in Santiago de Cuba and La Havana, earlier this year, Miami raised the enormous flag earlier in July 2021 as a sign of support for the Cuban people. The enormous street art in Miami, which is 30 feet tall by 140 feet wide and features a "waving" flag in the center of Wynwood, is reputed to be the enormous Cuban flag ever painted in the nation.

The stunning Miami street art was created and coordinated by the Galera Collective and painted in a single weekend by a dozen artists in an incredible collective effort.

Wynwood Cuban Flag Street Art

15. "American Power" by Tristan Eaton

Tristan Eaton is an illustrator, designer, and artist from Los Angeles. His powerful pop aesthetic is influenced by his passion for comic books. Although the artist has already produced several pieces for Wynwood Walls, we are particularly fond of his mural "American Power" (pictured above). As part of that year's theme of "humanKIND," Eaton contributed this painting to Art Basel 2017.

"American Power," which the artist intended to be a homage to American women, concentrates on several female profiles while using comics and themes that play with the flag's colors and symbolism. The work is "a homage to the great women of our country who are turning the tide against injustice and abuse of men in power from Hollywood to D.C. to Wall St.," in Eaton's words.

American Power by Tristan Eaton


To sum up, we can say that Miami is a thriving city known for its spotless beaches, nonstop nightlife, and fantastic weather. Miami is recognized for its stunning skyline, lavish shops, Art Deco structures, and posh hotels. Miami, along with its beaches, is renowned for its street art. So, if you are looking for the finest street art, Miami street art has to be at the very top of your list. We are confident once you visit all these 15 spots of street art in Miami, you will get a complete idea of the finest street art.

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