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What Is Boho Style ?

December 18, 2022 11 min read

What Is Boho Style ? - The Trendy Art

If you are familiar with the latest trends, whether in terms of décor or fashion, you will often come across the term boho style. However, you might also be wondering what exactly is meant by "Boho Style." If so, do you need to know what bohemian style is? The boho style sometimes referred to as "bohemian" or "boho chic," is a relaxed, unpretentious, and unique way to decorate your home. Although this style has been around for a while, you may interpret it differently depending on your taste and style.

Continue reading to learn everything there is to know about boho chic decor and gain ideas for your home's bohemian look.

Before we get into other details, let us understand the boho style.

I) What is Boho all about?

1) Boho – how did it get started?

If you want to know how boho style started initially, we must look into history. The term "boho" is now used to describe unorthodox and creative items, but to get the appearance in your house authentically, it helps to grasp its historical roots.

The beginning of the boho style can be traced back to the 19th Century. First, you need to know that in the 19th century, Parisian bohemians who gave the boho aesthetic its name were free-spirited, creative individuals. Bohemianism was connected with a nomadic way of life, and the locations these easy-going travellers visited significantly impacted the design aesthetic. This style subsequently became famous as artists integrated it into their studios.

What does boho mean, then? First, it's a shortened version of the French term "bohémien," which refers to Bohemia, a territory in the modern Czech Republic.

The Romani people, the most significant ethnic minority in Europe, were mistakenly thought to hail from Bohemia. Originating in India, the Romani were famed for their ingenuity and mainly led nomadic lives, many of whom were accomplished singers, painters, and craftspeople.

When free-spirited Americans went around Europe in the 1960s and 1970s and returned with an eclectic blend of cultural influences, the bohemian look gained even more popularity. To put it another way, the boho look blends items from several cultures and eras.

Boho Style Room

II) What is Boho style like in the current age?

The term "bohemian" or boho style generally now refers to an aesthetic that draws inspiration from those early generations of free spirits and is used more as an adjective than a noun. The eclectic modern bohemian style emphasizes natural materials and retro items from the 1950s, 1960s, and 1970s. Boho design is so influenced by the world, making it vulnerable to cultural appropriation. Educating yourself on the importance of the objects you choose to add and paying attention to where they are from to ensure your space properly honors different cultures.

When it comes to Boho style, we generally in terms of Boho Style interior décor and Boho style fashion. So let us see what boho style home is about.

III) What exactly Is a Boho-style home?

Bohemian home décor mixes objects that are loose, daring, and unorthodox.

Boho Wall Art

IV) Essential elements of a Boho Style elements

1) The bohemian look is still diverse and free-spirited in modern times.

Boho fashion is still an eclectic, free-spirited look that emphasizes individualism. Instead of pursuing trends, the goal is to develop a carefully chosen style that is entirely original. Through the skillful mixing of patterns, colors, and textures, boho interior design focuses on expressing creativity. In reality, mixing patterns is what makes a design look bohemian. An abundance of fabrics and purposefully mismatched items work well for this look. Fortunately, there are liberal rules to follow. Establishing an aesthetically appealing style is essential, so feel free to experiment with unusual color and pattern combinations.

2) The key to boho chic designed space is to provide a relaxed and comfy feel to its inhabitants.

Bohemian interior design aims to make rooms that are both attractive and hospitable. It has a carefree appearance that encourages visitors to settle down. For instance, a contemporary bohemian living room has lots of soft seating, including floor cushions from Etsy and plush armchairs like this choice from Wayfair. Rich reds, oranges, and yellows instead of simple whites and neutrals produce a cosy and friendly ambience.

3) Combine Abandoned Colors and Patterns

Here's a simple trick for mixing and matching throw cushions like a master, but there are no rules when decorating in a bohemian style. Boho style is characterized by vivid hues and abundant patterns, including flowers and paisleys combined with organic designs and geometric patterns. If you don't like bright colors, go for a muted combination of olive green, cognac, mustard yellow, and rusty oranges.

You may add a layer of comfort, flair, and eclectic spirit to a day bed or plain sofa, even in a living room environment.

Although traditionally, a riot of color has been used to represent bohemian style, contemporary boho home design welcomes neutrals. The chic boho look is simple to achieve with fabrics and accessories without repainting walls or altering large furniture pieces if you want to try it out without committing too much. For instance, a contemporary boho sofa like this one from Etsy may be neutral in tone, while colorful throw cushions like these serve as eye-catching accessories. Adding natural textures and lots of houseplants to any area is remarkably bohemian, even if you don't like bright colors.

So, if you are fond of boho chic designs, you can opt for a diverse range of colours that matches your preferences and style. Unlike other home décor styles, there is nothing very rigid regarding boho style designs.

Boho Style Bedroom

V) Bohemian interior design characteristics

While there are no set rules for this look, several common behaviors are a wonderful place to start if you want to channel that bohemian feel. The aesthetic may be easily achieved by layering eclectic patterns, various lighting sources, and rich colors.

1) In the boho style, natural materials are preferred.

Nature frequently serves as an inspiration for bohemian interior design. The boho house welcomes the beauty of imperfections and celebrates the outdoors. Woven materials like jute, wicker, and rattan are also quite popular in contemporary interpretations of bohemian home décor. In addition to being common in many home décor stores, these materials are also often used in antique and thrift stores. Be careful to use natural vegetation because boho rooms include lots of plants.

Suppose you plan to design your home interiors with chic boho designs. In that case, you need to consider accessories made of natural or raw materials like hemp, sisal, wood, and rattan have become increasingly popular due to the hippie impact on boho design that emerged in the 1960s and 1970s. You also might use stuff like sisal area rugs, braided wall décor, macrame plant hangers, or leather accent chairs. Although natural textures are essential, don't let that stop you from including metallic accents, such as a floor lamp for some shine, and naturally occurring pieces, like this tree trunk coffee table, in a living room created with natural materials.

2) Authentic antique treasures fit well in boho-style home interiors.

Collecting antique items at flea markets, thrift shops, or online at retailers like eBay and Etsy is one way to embrace your inner bohemian. Since second-hand materials are purchased, Boho décor is more economical than many other popular styles. It is also healthier for the environment, which aligns with the aesthetic. Additionally, purchasing second-hand guarantees that each home item is unique.

3) Pops of color and lots of houseplants go nicely with neutral tones.

Although a riot of color has traditionally been associated with boho style, contemporary boho chic home design welcomes neutrals. For instance, a contemporary boho sofa like this one from Etsy may be neutral in tone, while colorful throw cushions like these serve as eye-catching accessories. Adding natural textures and many houseplants to any area is incredibly bohemian, even if you don't like bright colors.

Living Room Boho Style

4) Boho style is completed with curated artwork and handcrafted goods from across the globe.

A well-chosen finishing touch is what makes a boho-style house genuinely complete. The final layer of visual appeal is provided by wall art and accessories, which let you surround yourself with extraordinary things you adore. Search online for art that matches your preferences and hobbies, or browse used selections at antique and thrift stores. Choose handcrafted items that will stand out in any area, like this macrame wall hanging from Esty, choosing ones with uncommon hues, textures, and forms. To get the global appearance of the boho style, check into local stores in your neighbourhood that sell handcrafted, ethically produced items from all over the world.

5) Add Global Accents

Given that boho chic culture has a history of praising itinerant artists, global-inspired home decor pieces are crucial in a bohemian-style setting. But, again, this is where being aware of the cultural meaning of each item is crucial.

If you're fortunate enough to travel to far-off places, look for lovely souvenirs that can help you create a natural-eclectic feel in your home with genuine pieces. However, if you don't have that luxury, shop thrift stores and flea markets, or use apps like Next door and Mercari to find global accents that are more reasonably priced and local if you don't have the luxury of travelling. Try to buy products directly from the cultures where they were created whenever you can. However, an antique globe may also be used as décor; it's a fun and endearing touch that focuses on travel.

All these can ideally go in your boho-style home.

6) Keep the interior décor causal to match the boho style trends.

It's crucial to remember that the home interiors must be kept casual in boho-style designed homes. Boho interiors are uncomplicated. You must also keep your attire casual to match your home's casual interiors. Instead of watching TV or throwing formal dinner parties, consider furnishing your home with floor cushions, pouffes, piles of pillows, a plush area rug, and areas that promote discussion, reading, listening to music, and playing games.

Boho Style Home Decor

7) Accessories and Lighting

If you are familiar with the trends in home interior designs, whether boho style or otherwise, you will know that lighting and accessories have an essential role.

Even in the case of boho-style interiors, lighting and accessories also play a vital role.

The serene and welcoming atmosphere of your boho chic designed area will be completed with ambient, subtle lighting. You can decorate the same with lanterns, candles, floor lamps, and table lights rather than overhead lighting. The global design marketplaces of today make it simple to find a variety of forms and designs—perfect for the mix-and-match style.

The boho style design strongly emphasizes embracing nature, so you can consider adding some ferns and hanging plants to liven up your space. The more the plants are better since they add vitality to space and enhance air quality.

Apart from this, you may also consider succulents instead, which are ideal for those with less-than-green thumbs and are readily available in a variety of colours and textures. These stunning plants don't need much water, just a sunny spot.

In adding accessories for your boho-style rooms, you can finally complete your Boho space with handcrafted pieces, artefacts from your travels, and treasures from your family. Display your favourite items as accessories since they should reflect who you are as a person: tapestries, old bottles, maps, mismatched dinnerware, etc. Also, remember that although the bohemian decor is often eclectic, it can still be sophisticated and glitzy. Don't be afraid to experiment with an elaborate chandelier or a large gold-framed mirror. There is only one requirement: Everything in the room must reveal something about you.

The lighting and accessories will likely provide your home interiors with ideal boho styles.

8) Adding plenty of texture can spruce up the space.

Having texture in your room is essential for a boho-chic feel, but how you use it is imperative. Texture layering may be pretty essential in this. To add extra comfort and appeal, layering rugs at different angles or simply placing a bulky knit blanket on your bed may make all the difference.

Simple transitional shapes and Boho textures are the key components of transitional Boho. It's one of our go-to ideas for designing an eclectic bedroom that applies to open areas like this transitional entrance or living room. After painting the walls, a warm, earthy tone add texture to the room on all fronts. For maximum boho appeal, this room contains a fringed rug, rattan stool, flowery grass, and a woven pendant lamp!

You'll adore this diverse entryway's worldwide boho style! It has many components that are influenced by many cultures, and layers of textures in related colour tones give it a worldwide appearance that is nevertheless peaceful.

When designing your home in boho chic designs, you need to realize that a place may appear and feel more attractive by adding furnishings and items made of several materials.

So, you need to use different textured materials to add to the boho-style feel of the space you plan to decorate.

Boho Wall Decor

9) Using Low-Level Sitting

Boho chic settings are about unwinding, socializing, sitting back, and having fun. Low-level seats will naturally encourage such behaviour for comfort and relaxation.

You may do this by adding floor pillows, bean bags, pouffes, and ottomans in the Moroccan style and stacking soft rugs that entice people to sit on the floor. The bedroom might also benefit from low-level coffee tables, beds, and seats.

Low seating is ideal for emulating Moroccan and bohemian home design trends. You've come to the correct place if you're seeking low-seating designs for a contemporary house. Here are some suggestions for floor seating to spruce up your interiors.

Pouffes are small, upholstered stools that are often round or cube-shaped and without legs. There is no limit to how many functions they may do, including serving as a footrest, coffee table, and additional seat. Pouffes may be found in various colours, finishes, and fillings to match your design aesthetic and purpose. Choose a macrame or patchwork floor pouffe for a boho-chic appearance. Choose a leather-upholstered alternative if you want to swing like in Marrakesh.

Poufs' big brothers are ottomans. These low stools, which might be circular or square, are often supported by legs but lack a backrest. Although they can also be used as a seat or an eclectic decorative item in a modern home, ottomans are primarily utilized as footrests. Typically, ottomans are "overstuffed" to the point where all that is seen of the wood is the legs. Choose a colourful, patterned version for a bohemian aesthetic or a plain item for a simple appearance.

If you are considering boho-style interiors, floor cushions are the most straightforward option among all floor-sitting concepts. They are large cushions used as accent décor or extra sitting and left on the floor. Because they are practical but colourful without becoming overly fussy, floor cushions make the bohemian aesthetic work. To keep cushions clean at all times, choose washable cushions. Blue cushions with the recognizable Moroccan trellis design might be seen in a home with a Moroccan influence.

No matter the interior design of a modern home, futons may be used as floor seating ideas straight from Japanese households. Because futons are typically used as beds, think about putting them in tiny bedrooms or guest rooms in case of unannounced visitors. They're also ideal for compact spaces when big sofas aren't possible, yet improvised seating is monotonous. Instead, use a futon with white fabric on dark wood for a boho chic look.

10) Add greenery to add to boho style interiors.

Plants are a must if you're striving for a boho chic appearance. You will always find plants in boho-style spaces. Plants give your home a lovely jungle feel and bring life. They also contribute to the overall décor and make the space brighter and fresher. It might be hanging plants or plants in pots. Plants give your room a different texture. We have already covered the concept of using varied textures for boho-style spaces. Adding plants and greenery to your home interiors is a great way to do that.

More is always better! Any boho-style room has to have at least three plants in it! Plants are fantastic because they effortlessly exude a "jungley" natural atmosphere. However, there need to be more reasons to bring live plants inside. Remember to include hanging and vining plants (I made an entire page on them)! Areas of your vacant space can benefit significantly from adding tons of visual stimulation. Additionally, it allows you to include lovely and unique pots in your environment, which is always a bonus. The jungle bohemian design motif is particularly popular with cacti.

Cacti are very prominent in the jungle boho interior decor style, so if you have access to prickly companions, grab some!

As explained earlier, the boho style design strongly emphasizes embracing nature, so add some ferns and hanging plants to liven up your space. More plants are better since they add vitality to space and enhance air quality. Both peace lilies and philodendrons can tolerate a wide range of temperatures and light conditions. Consider succulents instead, which are ideal for those with less-than-green thumbs and are readily available in a variety of colors and textures.

Boho Colors Style

Summing up

To sum up, we hope you are familiar with boho style interiors. As mentioned, you can do several things, which include everything from combining colors to adding global accents. You can also consider adding different textures and different accessories. You can even experiment with several lighting ideas too. Apart from this, boho style homes also often involve low sitting. Using plants and greenery in boho-designed homes is often a common practice in boho-styled homes. We hope the tips provided here will help you to design your home interiors and will be appreciated by all those who love boho style.

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