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How to Decorate Living Room ?

October 13, 2021 8 min read

How to Decorate Living Room ? - The Trendy Art

Living rooms are the main gathering area of a home. Since every member comes to this room to relax and spend their time, it needs a decoration fit for leisure. When it comes to decorating a living room, it is easy to get indecisive. Picking the perfect furniture, lights, wall art, and decor can be overwhelming. 

To decorate your living room you need a good amount of lighting, color contrasts, and the decoration style. And the first step of decoration is the walls.

There are many things that count when decorating a living room. You have to consider the mood, position, and size of the room as well. Fortunately, we’ve got you covered.

The Essentials of Living Room Decor

Families and housemates spend a lot of their free time in the living room. This room is where they read books, have warm conversations, watch TV, and hang out with everyone else. For this reason, every living room needs things that will help put them at ease. The life of this room is in its walls.

All living rooms have a set of essential things. This set can include things like wall decor type, color coordination, furniture placement, and lighting. Since the walls create the first impression of the room, it is important to consider the types of wall decoration you can use for yours. They will include wall paintings, murals, canvas, framed posters and more.

The colors of a living room wall can be anything ranging from peaceful to intense depending on the room’s use. So, when choosing the lighting, it’s best to put a source of light at the center of the room. Hanging lamps and chandeliers are great examples of this. And it is best to put comfortable chairs and sofas in the living room, depending on how much people use them.

Living Room

Things to Consider Before You Start Decorating

Decorating your living room can be a confusing task. You have to decide where to put the furniture, the artwork, etc., and make it look good. But the process is easy when you consider some characteristics of your living room first.

  1. Noting how much light the living room gets.
  2. The size and shape of the living room for placing furniture.
  3. The size of the blank walls.
  4. The best area for ambient lighting.
  5. The kinds of seating arrangements that will fit best.
  6. If the room is smaller, choose cooler tones of color. And if it is a bigger room, warmer tones will fit the best.
  7. Noting how much open space you want for roaming.

These pointers will help you decide on the perfect decoration. It is important to understand how your living room works. Thus, you will now be able to figure out the best way to make it look and feel nice.

The Living Room Walls

The walls of the living room need appropriate decoration to match its vibe. For this, we have to make sure we know what kind of art is good. There can be many types of wall decoration. But, art prints, canvas art, and posters are the most popular ones now.

1. Art Prints

We can turn art from different artists into prints for decoration. So, we can choose the size of the art. Also, an advantage of this art print is that it is very inexpensive.

If you have a favorite artist or painter, you can order a print of their art. Later, it can be framed and hung on your living room wall.

2. Canvas Artworks

Canvas artworks are a great way to show off your taste. Many artists practice their art on canvas as it can be more vivid and expressive. So, if you are willing to show your creative side, a framed canvas will be your way to go.

Canvas artworks are naturally more expensive because of their rarity. Therefore, make sure to invest in the artist that most of your housemates can agree on !

3. Framed Posters

The popular culture of our time loves its posters. Your favorite movie, book, show, etc., has a poster for advertisement. So, using these posters is a great way to show your favorites.

You can easily purchase film and TV posters from various websites such as ours own. You can frame them in a glass and wood frame to ensure that your favorites remain in prime condition.

Wall Art for living Room

Where Do I Look for Wall Paintings ?

You can find wall paintings of many styles and types all over the world. If you have a local seller, you can contact them with the size you need. On the other hand, the internet can come in handy when you get a painting from someone far away. It can also help you find customizable and contemporary art to order online.

1. Local Markets

Populated areas around the world usually include local art sellers. These sellers stock paintings and prints from artists both local and far away. Even if your choice would be to customize a painting, it is worth checking out these markets.

Buying from the local art markets can show your support to these artists. This way, you can have a cool piece of decoration as well as show some love to local artists.

2. Artist Pages Online

If you have some artists in mind, feel free to check out their websites. Most contemporary artists have online pages linking their art. You can pick your favorites from there and match them to your living room’s needs.

Artist’s pages on the internet can be extremely helpful. These pages show the artist’s whole catalog of work. You can purchase these works, and also gift them to people using the page.

3. Wall Art Markets Online :

There are plenty of websites like ours on the internet completely dedicated to exchange and sell wall art. Sites like these offer options. For example, you will find street art, pop art, contemporary art, etc. suited for wall decoration on our website.

It is very easy to place orders online on wall art markets. You can choose your style and pick your painting as you wish. But it is recommended that you match your wall art according to the size you need. Just check out our collection to get an idea or maybe even order some for your living space.

Living Room Space

Light and Color in the Living Room

Since the living room’s purpose is to give us a place to wind down, it needs to fit your needs. We know that light and color can help set the mood in any situation. The living room lighting and coloring will depend on what you want. Still, some common suggestions are always helpful when choosing these.

1. Lighting

Light in the living room controls its mood. If you like your living room to be calmer, you will need warmer lighting. Ambient lights, lamps, and mood lamps will help you out in this situation. You can also reverse it in a different mood.

Lighting is an important aspect. Depending on your room and its purpose, the types of lighting can differ. In addition to the light fixture or ceiling light, table and floor lamps can be used to create distinct areas in your living room. A good trick to delineate spaces is to create more intimate areas in your room, no matter how small or big it is. Plus, beautiful lighting fixtures will complete your living room decor!

The lights in the room can be suited to a brighter and more fun place as well. You can choose color-changing RGB lights, string lights, and bulbs along with regular lighting. And in all cases, you can use curtains to regulate daylight.

2. Coloring

The colors of a room can give character to it. So, you can use the colors to make the room look smaller or larger than it is. It is quite easy to figure out what your room needs. As a rule, smaller rooms get cool tones, and bigger rooms get warm tones.

Light colors are brighter and help make a space appear larger. Opt for white or other light colors. Instead, incorporate punches of color into your decorating accessories or living room furniture.

Contrast and brightness will help make the room look better. You can think about how you want the room to feel. After that, you can match the lighting. It will help fix the ambiance of the room.

Lighting for Living Room

What About the Furniture ?

The furniture is a prime essential in your living room. Here, comfort is the most important thing. You can choose any type of material. Sofas, chairs, stools, and beanbags are the best choices possible for seating. You can also pick the shape of coffee tables based on the available space.

Before even choosing which furniture you want to put in your living room, first think of which style your want your living room area. Do you want it to be cosy , welcoming , cocooning , traditional or modern ? It's the first question you should ask yourself and then, once you choose which style you are looking for your living room, then start selecting furniture that fits with that style.

Do not forget to choose your furniture wisely so it fits your living room area. Don't buy big furniture if you live in a small place, instead choose furniture that fits your place perfectly.

A living room’s furniture can be anything you want. That is why this part of decorating the room is the most fun. So do not overthink it, the style of the furniture can be the most comfortable one.

Furniture for Living Room

Choose the Right Accessories for your Living Room decoration

To decorate a living room, you can choose some minimalist decorative accessories. Which ones to choose ? The accessories that will make the best living room decorations are those in transparency or with natural materials like wood. Some examples ? Transparent vases with candles or fresh or dried flowers, frames with a wooden outline or wicker baskets. It's a good thing, because pure pieces are very popular and fits any style of decoration.

Adding some plants can be the right choice to lift up your living room. It's one of the best living room decorating ideas, without a doubt ! Plants tend to bring some life into the place. A room with plants is a room that exudes purity and looks uncluttered. Choose plants that will grow tall rather than wide or add hanging baskets. Green in a room is always a winner. Plus, you'll get pretty, vibrant living room decorations.

Quick Tips for Decorating

We are almost done with this guide here. At this point, I’ll leave you with some quick tips to finish decorating. These tips will help you refine your living room and make it better.

  • Always keep enough open space in the room for sitting and roaming
  • You can hang double curtains for both light and darkness in the daytime.
  • Small accessories and trinkets will make the room look lively
  • Make sure to not clutter the walls with artwork


If you have read this far, you are on your way to decorating a fantastic living room. The living room’s wall decor, colors, and everything else can be customized whenever you please. So, keep in mind that comfort is the first need in this room.

Thanks for stopping by and I hope this article was able to help you out. 

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