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Apartment Decoration: The Essentials for a Successful Decoration

September 16, 2021 4 min read

Apartment Decoration: The Essentials for a Successful Decoration - The Trendy Art

You lack of inspiration for a successful apartment decoration?

Whether you're renting or living in your own apartment, it's possible to create a beautiful interior design that will make you feel good about your home. Discover ours tips for decorating your apartment.

Tip No. 1 : Apartment decoration : Find the style of your living room

Different styles for different atmospheres

There are many styles of apartment decoration that will please you more or less depending on the atmosphere you want to bring in your home. You prefer a warm style in which you will spend your afternoons under a plaid? Go for a cocooning decoration with charm.

For this, add light colors with soft materials. Nothing better than pretty cushions to dress your sofa. Also prefer minimalist furniture so as not to clutter the space. 

For a more colorful and personalized apartment decoration, opt for a more tropical or ethnic style, which will add travel souvenirs, green plants and antique furniture. For this, add decorative objects in natural materials of all shapes. Woven baskets, mahogany lampshades or dried flower bouquets will add character to your living room.

For travel souvenirs, we advise you to choose objects in neutral colors that will blend perfectly with your furniture.

Don't forget that natural materials add character to your interior.

Discover more about our living room decorating canvas to inspire you and create an apartment decor that suits you.

 Apartment decoration

Tip No. 2 : A soothing bedroom

Warm colors

To make your bedroom a real cocoon, there is nothing better than a warm and not too aggressive decoration that will take you into the arms of Morpheus. To do this, choose solid colors with uncluttered decor like light wood mirrors and lamps with plain shades for the bedside tables.

If you have a master suite, partition the space with a pretty glass roof that will add charm to your room.

 Bedroom Design

Tip No. 3 : Take care of the walls in your apartment decoration

Decoration adapted to your interior

The walls of your apartment are essential to perfect your decoration. Depending on the style that suits you, you can opt for a plain paint of neutral color or colored for a decoration with a more worked style. The paint will not clutter up the space too much and, depending on the color chosen, will make the room look bigger. For small apartments, prefer neutral or pastel colors.

To bring a touch of originality, choose a wallpaper with patterns such as bricks for an industrial decoration or tropical foliage for a jungle style.

Be careful not to overload the space which will appear smaller than it really is. Add this wallpaper only on a section of wall or on a small surface.

Concerning the decoration, you have different possibilities to dress your walls. First of all, for a rented apartment, it can be tricky to hang wall decorations. However, you can now get adhesive wall hangers that will not leave any marks on your walls.

Therefore, choose pretty pictures to decorate your apartment. Whether in the kitchen or in the bathroom, pictures are a good way to personalize the space according to your taste. Arrange these pictures to create a wall of frames, which will add character to your apartment.

To enlarge the space, you can add to your paintings pretty little mirrors in natural materials that will give a warmer style to the room. Always remember to harmonize the colors of your wall decorations to best match the colors of your walls. A patterned wall does not need much decoration.

Framed wall art poster or Canvas , are a safe bet

 Framed Poster Wall

Tip N. 4 : Apartment decoration : Plants to bring freshness

Adapting plants to your space

Whether it is flowers or green plants, plants bring a lot of style to your interior and complete your apartment decor. It is possible to place them in any room of the house while adapting the size of the plant to the size of the space. We advise you not to overload the space in your apartment, especially if it is small.

However, if you have a balcony, you can always hang flowers on it which will give you a country atmosphere.

Prefer small succulents in a bathroom or toilet, which are small plants, resistant and easy to maintain for those who do not have a green thumb.

For the larger spaces of your apartment like the living room, favor the cameo of plants by varying the colors between colored plants and green plants but also by varying the sizes. These plants adapt perfectly to any type of decoration, in particular to the tropical and ethnic style.

The charm of plants in an apartment

Apartment with Plants 

Tip N. 5 : Apartment decorating objects

For this last tip, we advise you to choose the right decorative objects according to the style of your apartment.

Add small decorative objects on a shelf for example, which will bring cachet to your apartment. Empty vases, colored or not, quite original, can dress up your apartment. Add a few candles to warm up the interior and it's done!

For small apartments or to illuminate the room, choose large mirrors. Indeed, the mirror is an object of apartment decoration in its own right and a must have for contemporary, bohemian or Art Deco interiors.

For rooms like the kitchen, choose a set of dishes that matches the style of the kitchen to harmonize the whole.

Kitchen Apartment Deisgn

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